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Is the party over?

The Closer - 6

Is the party over?

Remember The Great Gatsby? How much fun they had partying all night in flapper dresses and tailored suits? Well, that could’ve been us if the predicted “Roaring 2020s” happened. Things were looking pretty hopeful when global venture funding kept rising in 2021. But after being hit with more lockdowns, supply shortages, and a war in Ukraine, no one is “roaring” about anything except the looming recession. Today, global funding is decreasing, and the era of easy money is coming to a close. But fear not, as with great risk comes great reward. As Forrester sees it, the economic downturn has challenges and opportunities in store for sales tech investors. Maybe the roaring 2020s isn’t over, it just hasn’t started yet.

Penny for your thoughts

If there’s one thing that people don’t want, it’s change. Unless, of course, you’re at a laundromat that only accepts coins – in that case, you’d really need change. The past two years have been filled with a whole lot of unpredictability, which has made it quite difficult to forecast what’s coming next. Nevertheless, Gartner has decided to take a stab at predicting the future of work.  Their forecast ranges from an increase in hybrid working conditions to companies making even more investments into employee well-being, and adapting employee value propositions to attract perfect candidates. We must say, if their predictions come true, we might start to love change, even outside of laundromats!

Meetings are canceled

We all know the dreaded feeling of waking up and seeing zero white space on your calendar. How necessary are back-to-back meetings really? These cumbersome meeting days leave most feeling tired, unproductive, and pressured to work longer hours to fulfill all the other tasks on their to-do list. Salesforce was feeling the same way, so they decided to try something most remote workers only dare to dream: a workweek with no meetings. Although it may sound like a dream, it’s harder than it looks. Salesforce shares their lessons learned from three trials of asynchronous weeks. Warning: read before implementing. 


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Hot off the press

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” We have some news that is hot of the press, and we are bursting at the seams to share. The G2 Summer 2022 Grid Reports came out, and Groove is ranked as the top sales engagement platform for enterprises once again. If you’re starting to get déjà vu, it may be because we have placed first for 15 consecutive quarters. As if that wasn’t enough, we are also the highest-rated platform across six sales tech categories and were named a leader in ten. And don’t worry, we will be sure to update you next time we win too.



In hindsight

Getting a tattoo of your significant other’s name. Deciding to try bangs after a bad breakup. Spending too much time on low-quality leads. Sometimes, it’s only easy to see how things should’ve gone differently when looking in the rearview mirror. To help take some of the guesswork out of modern selling, Linkedin surveyed 14,000 B2B buyers and sellers, revealing hard data about how to win in sales. From new insights on building trust in a buyer-seller relationship, to ideas on how to effectively challenge your buyers, this blog is sure to help prevent at least a few future mishaps. But hey, nobody’s perfect. There’s always tattoo removal services, right?

Happy (new) New Year!

The start of a new year is a great time to get your priorities together. But if you missed out on the January refresh, don’t fret. We’re coming up on the halfway point of the year, otherwise known as the perfect time to reevaluate and revamp your goals before they become next years’ resolutions. This honorary new, new year celebration is coming up quickly, and thankfully, RAIN Group has already done the research for us on where we should focus our goals. They surveyed 423 sales and enablement leaders and compiled 10 ways to achieve your top sales priorities for the upcoming year (six months, but who’s counting?). Go ahead, turn over a new leaf!

Congratulations. You’ve reached the end.

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