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It’s a matter of time

The Closer | Gartner - B2B sales skills

It’s a matter of time

Time does a lot of positive things. It can fly, run, and even heal all wounds. However, it’s actually quite merciless when it comes to sales skills. Today’s selling environment is incredibly dynamic, and the skills your sales teams need today may be different three years from now. Sure, tenacity, problem solving, and objection handling skills won’t go away, but only time knows what the future may hold – and it’s not telling. Gartner Sales Research Director Michael Katz offers up three steps to build a dynamic skill system that can sense and quickly respond to changing needs. Maintaining relevant sales skills might seem like a race against time, but, with the proper approach, it’s a race you can win.

Operation Sales Ops

Whether it’s finding the perfect burrito or establishing a predictable, scalable, and repeatable sales operation model, any important mission deserves a code name. For the latter, we know “Operation Sales Ops” seems lazy, but we think all the effort should be put into ensuring its success. That’s especially true when Forrester reports that less than half of all managers believe their sales operations efforts deserve a “Mission Accomplished” banner. As you begin 2023 planning, Forrester VP and Research Director Steve Silver has identified “four key areas of focus and investment for sales operations and revenue operations leaders in 2023.” It’s time to put Operation Sales Ops into motion. You can celebrate with a burrito afterward.

Quiet quitting quandary

If you’re debating whether to finish reading this article because you think it’s outside your job description, you might inadvertently be part of the quiet quitting phenomenon. The problem is real. A recent Gallup poll found that 50% of the U.S. workforce admits to doing the bare minimum that their job requires. Remote working has made it more difficult to keep employees challenged and engaged, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – far from it. From setting clear expectations to creating new ways to measure success, Salesforce outlines three ways to prevent quiet quitting from taking hold in your organization. Maybe you can even establish a more positive employee trend in the process, like “raucous collaboration” or “ear-piercing productivity.”



The Closer | Meet Groove at Dreamforce

Pipe dream no more

Whether you are a long-term customer or a new subscriber, we are sure you have been dreaming about meeting the Groove team as much as we have been to meet you. Thankfully, if you are attending Dreamforce next week, this magical meet-up can become reality. We are a proud sponsor of Clari’s Club Revenue, and we are excited to meet you in person at the Groove Lounge! Join us for the opportunity to network with other revenue leaders, get demos of Groove or Clari, attend speaking sessions, and even set up a 1:1 meeting to see how Groove can move your business forward. Sound like a dream? Well, it’s real, and it’s almost here. Register today to join Groove at Dreamforce. P.S. You don’t want to miss out on the Run Revenue Cocktail Reception on Tuesday. It’s going to be one for the books!


The Closer | The sales commit

Time to break up with commitments

It’s 2022. Almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and everyone is getting a prenup. Why? It’s because commitments are often made to be broken. Well, sales forecast “commits” are often made to be broken too. This archaic method breeds dishonesty within the sales org and creates a fear-driven environment between rep and sales manager. That’s why Todd Caponi, CEO and Founder of Sales Melon, believes that using commits in your sales execution and forecast strategy should be left in the past. Caponi breaks down the questions sales leaders should ask themselves to end the sales “commit” problem once and for all on the SellingPower blog. Let’s save commitments for marriage agreements, not sales methods.

Sales champs

Achieving greatness is revered and praised on a global level. That’s why we gather to watch the Olympics and the Academy Awards. Sadly, there are no TV channels dedicated to broadcasting the top sales performances, so it’s up to us to research what top sellers do to be the best. Of course, we can think of things like “time management” and “staying focused” ourselves, but there are many more top sales skills that are harder to define. Luckily, RAIN Group surveyed 1,004 sellers and sales managers and identified the 21 skills and behaviors that differentiate top performers from their counterparts. This list might not make you the next Olympic gold medalist, but it can help you on your way to sales champ.

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