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Keep the nightlight on

The Closer | Gartner: A Nightmare in the C-Suite

Keep the nightlight on

There’s no monster under the bed. Of that, we can be certain. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other things to be scared of – especially if you’re a business leader staring down a looming recession, rising inflation, and persistent supply-chain issues. While you might be tempted to crawl under your monster-free bed to wait for the danger to pass, Gartner proposes a different approach. Gartner sales expert Betsy Gregory-Hosler takes a look at the current business climate and offers up three core strategies to help leaders prepare for potential economic threats. Start implementing these recommendations now to minimize impact (and sleep better at night).

On the Jobs training

Think different. This hugely successful ad campaign from Apple may be grammatically challenged, but it still offers sound advice. Thinking differently isn’t just important for driving innovation, it also plays a key role in solving complex problems. For a company in the business of overcoming difficult challenges with elegant solutions, it should come as no surprise that Steve Jobs had a three-step framework for tackling impossible tasks. Inc. magazine recently reported that Apple is urging employees to embrace this approach. Solving problems is just part of the reason, because (you guessed it) there is always “one more thing.” It also involves taking breaks and working less, which plays a dual role in addressing employee burnout.

A remote work outlier

In his 2008 book Outliers, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell takes a look at the factors that enable some people to achieve exceptional levels of success. Fast forward to today, and Gladwell is getting attention for being exceptional in a new context. The author recently extolled the virtues of returning to the office, and critics are giving him flak. Apparently, he believes returning to the office is in workers’ best interest, but sees himself as the exception. Gladwell has reported on numerous occasions how he conducts his work on his sofa or at coffee shops. Insider takes a deep dive into the Malcolm Gladwell return-to-work kerfuffle. Time will tell if this will be a tipping point in his popularity, or if it will all be over in a blink.



The Closer | Integrate Salesforce with email inbox

The CRM struggle

There are two types of people: those who like to keep things clean and those who create the mess. Whether or not your home looks like a tornado ripped right through it, most people can agree that cleaning toilets is on the bottom of their enjoyment list. But according to legitimate research, there is something even lower on that list for sellers near and far: updating their CRM. Sellers hate wasting selling time on logging their call notes to the CRM, and managers struggle with increasing adoption. Thankfully, the way out of this loop of misery is simple, integrate Salesforce with seller’s inboxes and improve CRM adoption. Check out the blog, we promise the read is more fun than cleaning the toilet or updating CRM.



The Closer | LinkedIn: How I Sell

Sales guru

Your true north. Your calling. Your purpose. Your flow. Call it whatever you want, because most people live their lives in search of it. People even pay top dollar for spirituality gurus to help them unlock the secret. Whether it’s a career, sport, or activity, to be truly successful in whatever you take on, you have to find the “why”. So what drives you to sell? Lisa Earle McLeod has been in sales since her college years, and she found that selling should go beyond pleasing customers. Find out Lisa’s true north in sales and more in the “How I Sell” edition of the LinkedIn Sales Blog. She might just be the sales guru who helps you find your purpose.

Shake your tail feathers

Peacocks are known for showing off their unique, colorful tail feathers to attract the perfect mate. According to RAIN Group, salespeople should have a similarly loud and distinct way to show off their product’s value to potential clients. RAIN Group recently studied over 700 B2B deals to find what sales winners are doing differently compared to those that come in second place. Specifically, they found that buyers favor sellers that offer multiple arguments to differentiate their product from the competition’s. Read the full list of tips and find out how to shake your tail feathers all the way to a closed deal.

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