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Key Features of Auto Dialer Software for Sales

In order to maximize the capabilities and scalability of your sales team, integral software such as Auto Dialers, aim to eliminate wasted time, establish powerful relationships with customers and ultimately drive new levels of revenue.

But specifically, how can Auto Dialer Software help?

The Power of Auto Dialing Software

Auto Dialers dial a list of phone numbers, connecting only the answered calls to people on your revenue team. In this way, your sales team spends less time waiting for the phone to ring, and more time on calls with customers and prospects.

When used in conjunction with Salesforce, dialers are a fantastic tool if calling your company’s prospects is a major part of your B2B sales strategy (and it should be).

Benefits of Auto Dialing Software include:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity in your sales team operations

  • Ability to generate real-time reporting, allowing you to monitor for continuous improvement, productivity opportunities and, of course, sales tracking

  • Increased rep talk time and reduced idle time

  • Stronger lead conversion ratio with local presence calling

Free up extra time for your team, maximize your connect rates and deliver an amazing customer experience with these key auto dialer features of the Groove sales engagement platform:

  • Click-to-Call – Your team will waste less time manually dialing and calling the wrong numbers with this smart feature. Click-to-Call within Groove Dialer allows you to start any call from Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, or a message flow.

  • Local Presence Calling – Ever turned down a call just because of the area code? Have all your calls come from numbers with area codes that your prospects will recognize. This has been shown to boost connect rates by over 50%.

  • SMS – Send SMS messages from your computer and receive real-time notifications of incoming messages.

  • Auto-Logging – Automatically log calls, transcripts and SMS messages to Salesforce, including call notes, outcomes, and next steps. It’s perfect for training and upholding a seamless client experience since nothing is missed.

  • Voicemail Drop – Automatically load pre-recorded messages into voicemail boxes of unanswered calls and move onto the next call.

Double-Down on Sales

Eliminate unproductive hiccups in your sales funnel and realize your team’s sales potential with Salesforce and Auto Dialer Software.

Combined with Salesforce, Groove offers that next-level capability in your sales funnel, with other features like multi-channel campaign automation; email, calendar and activity tracking; streamlined workflows and task prioritization; and, an online scheduler. WIth Groove, your team can also access Salesforce and LinkedIn seamlessly.

Groove has empowered countless account-based revenue teams to connect with more prospects and deliver a relevant and high-end client experience.

If you’re wanting to take your Salesforce capabilities to the next level or you’re just now diving headfirst into the CRM, let us walk you through the powerful features Groove and Salesforce can offer, including auto dialing and call logging.

Looking for more information on sales engagement platforms and sales calls tools, check out our Definitive Guides to Sales Dialers, Sales Engagement Platforms and Sales Call Tracking and Analytics.

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