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Marie Kondo your tech stack

The Closer | 3 Principles To Design A Tech Stack Sellers Actually Want To Use

Marie Kondo your tech stack

If it doesn’t spark joy, throw it out. Marie Kondo was likely thinking more about the neglected DVDs stored in your closet than your B2B sales tech, but there are some parallels. If your sales tools don’t spark joy for your reps, they are going to use them as often as you watch your digitally remastered edition of the Matrix. Before you invest in new sales technologies, you should first identify the solutions your sales reps will actually want to use. Dan Gottlieb, a Director Analyst in the Gartner for Sales Practice, believes there are three design principles to follow when investing in tech for sellers. One of the key principles is certainly Marie Kondo approved: simplifying your sellers’ workflows.

World of Work-Craft

A lot has happened in twenty years. Yes, you can still go on epic quests battling orcs and trolls, but the experience has changed dramatically. Of course, we’re referring to World of Warcraft, but we could also be talking about the evolving state of work – albeit with less otherworldly beings and more Zoom meetings. This new “world of work” has released a hybrid-mode expansion pack that offers knowledge workers greater flexibility to work from anywhere. To understand how employers can properly support employees in this new hybrid work world, Citrix conducted an extensive study involving 1,800 workers around the world. The data clearly shows that hybrid work is here to stay, but just as you wouldn’t engage a horde of demons without a good runeblade, you want to be prepared.

Sales Mavericks

“Top Gun: Maverick” has finally come to theaters, and what should come as a surprise to no one, a certain cocky Navy pilot still feels the need for speed. While Maverick had the luxury of choosing to continue to buzz towers vs. advance his career, revenue teams should be a lot more comfortable adapting to a changing environment. Rigid sales processes and sales structures are relics of a more linear buying cycle. The Harvard Business Review recommends four priorities that sales teams should adopt to embrace a more fluid sales model. Only then will reps be able to respond in the moment to close more deals. Slider’s words to Maverick and Goose are just as relevant in any sales opportunity: “No points for second place.”


The Closer | Aquent Case Study

Getting your reps to love Salesforce

What do you do when your sales reps refuse to use Salesforce? (Violence is never the answer.) Instead of being sad or resorting to passive-aggressive comments, we recommend another course of action. Implement technology that gives them superpowers and keeps Salesforce automatically up to date in the background. That’s what the world’s largest marketing and creative staffing firm Aquent did. By bringing Salesforce data into their inbox, calendar, and workflows, Aquent got 90% of its reps (unwittingly) using Salesforce on a daily basis. It turns out that reps are more likely to use Salesforce when they don’t know they’re using it.


The Closer | Forbes - improve your sales pitch

Chased by sellers

These days, finding a buyer who wants to take a sales call is as hard as finding Nemo. Salespeople are chasing buyers around like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, screaming “mine, mine, mine!” to get them to sign. Being chased by seagulls or sellers isn’t anyone’s cup of tea, and buyers have finally had enough. A whopping 72% of B2B buyers prefer to have no interaction with salespeople. That’s right. Zero. Don’t worry. The sales profession isn’t dead, but this fact should inspire you to reflect on your standard pitch and perhaps take another approach. To help out, Forbes shares some tips on how to pivot your pitch in the face of buyers who don’t want to talk. Buckle up, because it’s about to be a bumpy ride to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Cooking up some sales leads

Learning to cook can require quite a few different tools and ingredients to get started. As you expand your recipe knowledge, you’ll likely need to fill your kitchen pantry with new utensils, too. Similarly, in the world of sales, sellers need to constantly expand their repertoire and adapt their funnel in order to nail each sales call. Compiling the necessary resources to perfect a skill can be challenging, but when it comes to thinking of new sales tools, RAIN Group has done the hard work for you. They’ve whipped up a list of 35 free (yes, free) sales tools to help you take your pitch to the next level. Compliments to the chef!

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