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Mind the sales capacity gap

The Closer | sales capacity gap

Mind the sales capacity gap

Every year, thousands of London underground riders plummet to their death in the narrow space between the platform and train. Okay, we don’t know that for a fact, but given all of the warnings to “Mind the Gap,” it’s our best guess. Sales leaders face a lurking danger of their own: the sales capacity gap. This problem is being exacerbated by a rise in sales hiring and retention challenges. And unlike the Tube, there are no helpful warning signs. In fact, 44% of satisfied high-performing sales reps are actively job searching. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review looks at how sales leaders can avoid the sales capacity gap and retain top talent. If you’re struggling with retention, remember that “Keep Calm & Carry On” is not a strategy.

Off-key accounts

After crushing their quota, the thing sales teams probably love the most is the symphony. (Again, we have no facts to support this, but we needed a segue.) And, nothing ruins a symphony faster than an instrument playing off-key. Rallying around the right key is also valuable when you’re trying to conduct bank notes out of your customer base. That’s why the “key” in “key account programs” is so important. The problem is that sales leaders have a tendency to tune this list based on account size. According to Gartner, sales leaders can achieve harmony by avoiding three mistakes commonly made when setting up key account programs.

Hybridity is a word

The business world is being let in on a little-known fact that was once the sole purview of academics, linguists, and historians: “hybridity” is a word. It’s true. Thanks to the rise of hybrid work, we now have new ways to describe how this phenomenon is affecting traditional views of business structure, process, and leadership. Today, business leaders need to take into account factors like hybridity positioning and competence. If you’re not sure what those mean, you’re not alone. Nearly all business leaders managing a hybrid workforce need to go well beyond learning a new vocabulary – they need to develop new skills. If you’re ready to embrace this new normal, check out the new set of skills that leaders need to effectively manage remote teams.


The Closer | Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces list

Third time’s still a charm

What do you get when you win something three times? Bragging rights. And maybe a shout-out on Twitter. So what did we win three times? Just a spot on the Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces list for the third consecutive year. NBD. Every year, Inc. measures U.S. companies that excel in creating exceptional workplaces and company culture, in person or remotely. And our Groovy culture brought in the three-peat. To top it off, we’ve also been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for three years in a row. Worthy of a little bragging? We thought so too.


The Closer | 21 skills and behaviors of top sales performers

Prince of whales

What if Cinderella stayed home the night of the ball obsessing over her sweeping skills? She would have missed out on finding her true love – the Prince. Well, in sales, your true love looks more like that whale you have been sweetening up for months. If you spend all of your work hours trying to perfect the wrong sales skills, you too will miss out on getting that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thankfully, Rain Group studied 1,004 sellers and sales managers and identified 21 skills and behaviors of top sales performers. Read it now, your Prince – er, whale – may be just around the corner.

You get inspiration! You get it too! Everyone gets inspiration!

It’s every leader’s dream to give an inspirational speech that alters their team’s mindset – a speech that is referenced for years to come as “the talk that changed their life.” Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but unless you’re Oprah Winfrey, your pre-meeting motivational speech probably won’t have the long-lasting impact you’re yearning for. As a sales leader, it’s hard to keep your team feeling inspired every day. Luckily, LinkedIn outlines three areas that sales leaders should focus on to help their team succeed. None of which involve an Oprah-style speech, unfortunately.

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