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Mind your p’s and q’s

The Closer | Mind your p’s and q’s


Mind your p’s and q’s

Learning to mind your p’s and q’s is especially important for salespeople. An honest mistake can torpedo a deal. However, these aren’t the only p’s you should be checking out. According to Forrester, the future of B2B sales will hinge on five p’s in particular. With changes being driven by remote working, virtual selling, and digitally native buyers, sales organizations need to make sure they are adapting ahead of the curve. Forrester believes you can do just that with the “Five P’s of Sales: Purpose-driven, Precise, Personalization, Productivity, and Profitable.” Yes, minding your p’s and q’s is important too, but every professional worker already has amazing “attention to detail,” at least according to their resumes.

Leading a hybrid workforce backwards and in high heels

The rise of the hybrid workforce is imminent. Before we know it, some workers will be back in the office on a daily basis while others remain remote or limit their commute to a couple of days a week. Don’t be fooled. This is a major shift in how work gets done, and it will require leaders to ramp up some new skills. Salesforce interviewed a bunch of experts on hybrid working and laid out several development opportunities for leaders in the areas of emotional intelligence and resilience. Leading a hybrid workforce is a lot more involved than you might initially think. According to experts Robert Pozen and Alexandra Samuel, it “makes you Ginger Rogers to the conventional workplace’s Fred Astaire: you’re doing everything he does, except backward and in high heels.”

Zoom on Zoom fatigue

You’re probably reading this as a brief respite from back-to-back Zoom meetings. If you’re feeling a little burnt out, you’re not alone. In fact, you know who else has Zoom fatigue? The CEO of Zoom. Even though their software is built for remote working, Zoom is still going to be asking their employees to come in at least two days a week. The Wall Street Journal took a look at how some business leaders are doing all they can to get employees back in the office ASAP, even if it’s just part of the time. MI6, Britain’s secret service agency, will be asking people to return too but will try to be “better about flexible working.” Of course, giving spies the ability to work from home won’t come with a license to chill.


It’s about the culture

The Closer | It’s about the culture

Is an office a workplace if no one works there? Even though Groove’s entire workforce has been remote for the past 14 months, it hasn’t stopped us from earning one of the highest workplace awards. Groove was just named to the Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces 2021 list. It turns out that our culture doesn’t need four walls and an espresso machine to thrive. The environment we’re created to ensure employees are challenged, respected, and supported has been key to our success during these challenging times. We are extremely proud to receive this honor for the second year in a row. Winning it in a pandemic year only makes it sweeter, as it’s a huge testament to the character of our employees and the resilience of our culture. If you’d like to see for yourself, we’re hiring!


Sales hires to drive sales higher

The Closer | Sales hires to drive sales higher

You may know the ABCs of sales, but how do you know if the person you’re about to hire does? More importantly, even if they have “always be closing” tattooed on their forearm, how can you determine whether they’ll be a successful member of your revenue team? There are tons of books you can read about the attributes of the ideal salesperson, but Sandler Training thinks you can identify a top-performer by evaluating them against just two criteria: self-awareness and drive. If a deal goes south, will the person figure out how they could have done better, or will they blame others? And secondly, do they have the drive to make things happen versus waiting for them to happen? That’s it. Just those two things. Everything else can be taught or tattooed at a later date.

Sales ops stats, stat!

If you’re in a hurry but are also curious about the current state of sales ops, we’ve got good news for you. First, your interest in sales ops is well founded. Did you know that over the past two years Sales Ops grew nearly 5X faster than the sales function overall? And if you’re thinking that their primary role is managing sales technology, you’re 76% right. Another 58% say they face data challenges – so much so that a third of their sales planning processes are not driven by data. Ouch. These are just some of the important Sales Ops stats that LinkedIn has generously shared on their blog. Sales Ops has become an indispensable role, but it’s not without its challenges. These stats will help you focus your attention on benefits you can leverage and pitfalls you can watch out for.

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