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New Sales

The Closer | Is Customer Success “The New Sales”

New Sales

Once upon a time, Coca-Cola tried to shake things up with New Coke. It didn’t go well. This is a good story to bring up if your organization is thinking about reformulating a customer-focused team, like customer success, to be more like sales. Your customer team should be focused on helping your customers be successful first – the revenue will come later. Rethinking any customer team as “New Sales” will ultimately leave a bad taste in the mouth of your customers. We’re not sure if Forrester principal analyst Shari Srebnick is a Coke or Pepsi person, but she offers a refreshing and not-too-sweet take on why customer success shouldn’t be “The New Sales.” Her ideas are definitely worth a taste. 

Leaky pipes

Whether it’s a puddle by the kitchen sink or a stain on the ceiling, there’s nothing that instills a sense of dread like the prospect of a leaky pipe. Now imagine that the leaky pipe is costing you millions of dollars every year. That’s a scenario that revenue leaders find themselves in all too often. The problem with revenue leak is that the puddles are a lot harder to find. And, like any pipe, if the leak goes on too long, it will eventually break. For a quick primer on how to avoid revenue leak and gain revenue precision, check out the latest article from Holly Procter, CSVP & Global Head of Sales at Clari. Generating revenue is a process, and a breakdown at any stage can result in significant leakage – and that’s a horrible word in any context.

Kickoff time

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you know what that means: people across this great nation will be focused on kickoffs. In addition to the three (3!) NFL games on Turkey Day, revenue leaders might also have another type of kickoff at the back of their mind – the SKO. The sales kickoff plays a critical role in getting sales teams aligned for the year ahead, but it’s also a complex and expensive event to put together. Budget constraints brought about by recessionary fears could make planning this year’s gathering even trickier. If you’re in charge of pulling off this critical event, Gartner Senior Direct Analyst Christopher Gamble offers up several budget optimization tips and tricks to pull off a practical, effective, and, yes, epic SKO.


Deloitte Fast 500 Award

Fast, but not furious

Going fast is pretty fun. There is something thrilling about speeding (when legal and with safety in mind, of course). In fact, people enjoy fast driving so much that the Fast and Furious franchise was able to make nine profitable movies about it, and are even planning to make two more. People just can’t get enough! At Groove, we are going pretty fast too. Growing fast that is. Groove is proud to announce that we earned a spot on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ list, a ranking of the fastest-growing companies in North America. This is our 2nd time making the list. Looks like we are growing as fast as Vin Diesel’s driving.


The Closer | Live Sales Kickoff Budget Optimization Tips and Tricks

No more talent?

As 2022 nears a close, we can look back and say it really was the year of the “greats” – Great Reshuffle and Great Resignation that is. If all these “greats” have left you wondering “where’s the talent?”, then you are not alone. New studies show that for every B2B sales rep job posting in the U.S., there are only three available candidates. Now, that is definitely not great. But there is something you can do about it. Robert Lesser and Delainey Kirkwood of the Gartner Sales Practice believe that there are four strategies chief sales officers can leverage to redesign the sales org in response to talent shortages. You can still achieve your revenue goals with less headcount; you just need to focus on the talent you already have.

The essentials

Sometimes to get ahead, you need to go back to the starting block. We are talking about reworking your sales process. Whether you are auditing your sales funnel as you prepare for 2023, or are just starting out from scratch, it’s always a good idea to take a deep dive into the vital sales funnel stages. Luckily, Mike Schultz, the president of the sales training company, RAIN Group, has written out the six most essential B2B sales funnel stages to help you on your sales planning journey. We recommend checking it out, if not for your company, then at least for a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner conversation with your car salesman uncle.

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