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No April Fools’ joke


No April Fools’ joke

It’s April Fools’ Day. But all jokes aside, exclusively pleasing the shareholders just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, companies need to provide value not only for shareholders, but also for stakeholders – everyone from employees to customers, partners, and even the planet. B2C companies have long been driven to act by their consumers, but it’s time for B2B orgs to take note. Defining your company’s purpose improves the buying process, employee retention, investor relations, compliance, and much more. Curious how to define your purpose? Check out Forrester’s article on unlocking the power of purpose for B2B leaders. It’s time to start brainstorming.

Workplace bliss

Remember the viral Texas lawyer who joined a Zoom court hearing looking like a cat? These past two years of remote work sure came with a lot of challenges for both employees and employers. And now during “The Great Resignation,” employers have a lot to lose. With growing workplace attrition, it’s imperative for employers to increase workplace happiness. But as the business adage goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” So Salesforce is here to help with a blog on how experts measure happiness at work. From training to KPIs, get ready to get your org to Cloud 9.

Your reputation still matters

On the topic of Ye Olde Great Resignation, the last thing sales leaders should be doing is taking this employee mass-quitting season lightly. Sadly, sales teams are disproportionately affected by attrition more than other teams and industries. So how can you keep resignation at bay? You’d be surprised to know that many of the answers lie within your customers, product, brand trust, and reputation. Dive deeper into taking care of your sales team during the Great Resignation on the Crunchbase blog. Your sales team – and reputation – will thank you.


no-april-fools-jokeA bright future ahead

Listen, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we think employee happiness is really important (and if this statement seems completely out of the blue, please check your screen brightness and re-read the sections above). Employees who come to work happy enjoy their role more and help the business thrive. And Groove’s employees seem to be very happy and optimistic about the company. That is why we are so honored to have won a 2022 Comparably Award for Best Company Outlook. If you are starting to get déjà vu, it’s because we also won a Comparably Award for Best Company Culture last December. Two wins for Groove!


no-april-fools-jokeSales superhero

Who is your hero? This question surely gets brought up in many conversations and interviews. Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, and Jane Goodall are all great answers, but having a sales hero to look up to is just as important. Let us introduce you to Amy Volas, who may just be the Superwoman of sales. She has closed over $100M in deals, worked for Yahoo and Indeed, founded three companies, and much more. LinkedIn brings you a close look at what gives Amy her super-selling powers. Read her words of wisdom and maybe one day you will become someone’s sales superhero.

Let’s talk money

Buyers get hundreds of cold calls every day. If you are lucky enough to land the meeting, the pressure’s on. To close the deal, you need to make sure to captivate their attention, solve their issues, and make the business case clear. Without painting a clear picture of the ROI, a buyer likely won’t be compelled to sign the contract. However, only 16% of sellers are effective at talking ROI. RAIN Group is here to help. Their article on understanding and building a sales impact model will help you articulate the effect of your solutions. And it may just take you from “So what?” to “Let’s buy this thing!”

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