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Oh, behave!

The Closer | Oh, behave!


Oh, behave!

As much as sellers would love to predict or even prescribe their customers’ buying behaviors, the buyer’s journey can be fraught with more hijinks than an Austin Powers movie. If you thought the B2B buying process was complicated before, it’s only gotten worse with the shift to virtual selling. Just how much have buying behaviors changed over the past year? You’d have to ask around a thousand buyers to get a good idea, and who has that kind of time? Forrester. In its 2021 B2B Buying Study, Forrester interviewed more than 950 buyers from around the globe and uncovered three seismic shifts in buying behavior. From the rise of the buying group to a dramatic increase in interactions, Forrester previews these trends and more on its blog. Yeeeaaah, baby!

The big squeeze

Anyone in field sales is fully aware of the irony their title has taken on since the pandemic prohibited in-person meetings. However, even before field sales became inside sales, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff had his eye on travelling salespeople. Back in October 2019, Dave posed the question “Are Field Sales Feeling a Squeeze?” Revisiting his prescient observation on the Gartner blog, Dave outlines three reasons behind the field sales squeeze – and two of them have nothing to do with the pandemic.

The office reboot

The office is coming back, but Jim and Pam would hardly recognize it. With the grand remote working experiment now in its 14th month, 83% of employers report that worker productivity is up. However, instead of signaling the end of the office, many businesses are reimagining it for a more flexible and distributed workforce. That’s what Salesforce is doing to support more than 50,000 employees around the globe. If you’re wondering about the impact of remote worker productivity and the 2,500 page design guide governing the overhaul of Salesforce’s offices, you can find all of this and more on the Salesforce blog. Salesforce admits they might not get it exactly right at first, but as the great Michael Scott quoted the great Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


67% more meetings is a good thing

The Closer | 67% more meetings is a good thing

After building a successful business helping established brands connect with content creators, Popular Pays wanted to extend its social influencer collaboration software to emerging brands and SMBs as well. This meant that they needed to leverage automation across their go-to-market teams in order to effectively service a significantly larger number of accounts. After evaluating the top sales engagement platforms, Popular Pays selected Groove for its ease of use and ease of administration. According to their Head of Revenue Operations, “Usually it takes weeks to get people up and running, but we had people using Groove in a matter of days.” However, what got them really excited were the results – 67% more meetings booked and “speed to lead” slashed from 2 days to 5 minutes. For additional results and insights, read the case study.


Not 9 or even 11

Not 9 or even 11
Any dutiful reader of The Closer knows that there are a lot of changes happening in the world of sales. Between virtual selling, a remote workforce, and President Club trip withdrawals, salespeople are facing more challenges than ever before. However, if you had to identify the 10 biggest changes that are shaking up sales right now, what would be on your list? Now that you have that list in your head, we recommend that you head over to The Linked Sales Blog and compare your list to theirs. Think of it as a type of competition where you’re guaranteed to win the ultimate prize: knowledge and insight.

We have questions

Questions are some of the most powerful rhetorical devices in a salesperson’s arsenal, but they often aren’t used to their full potential. Much like using a supercomputer to play solitaire, sales people often limit the impact of their questions by seeing them primarily as a means for acquiring information. If you want to move from playing solitaire to predicting weather patterns, you need to learn how questions can help you solicit information and convey insights. If you’re now questioning how good you are at questioning, head on over to The Sales Blog where sales consultant Anthony Iannario explores several strategies for using questions more effectively in the sales process. Better than having the answers, he has the right questions.

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