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Out of control

The Closer - Want To Become a Better Leader? Give up Control

Out of control

Even as a leader, there is only so much you can control. For example, if you feel like your megaphone isn’t loud enough, you can’t just go out and buy one of the world’s largest social media companies to solve the problem. Okay, that just became a bad example, but learning how to relinquish control can actually make you a better leader. In fact, the concept of control was a key theme from this year’s Dreamforce event. Check out the Salesforce blog to learn three ways leaders can successfully empower teams by giving up control. Unlike Twitter, it doesn’t cost anything to own these ideas. 


It’s been one heck of a year. The end is in sight, and sales reps are working feverishly to wrestle in every possible opportunity before the sun sets on 2022. Sales leaders have their work cut out for them too. In addition to defining strategies for 2023, sales leaders have to plan the most important sales event of the year: the almighty Sales Kickoff. SKOs have gone through some pandemic-induced transformations over the past couple of years, but they all share the same goal: get the sales team aligned and fired up for an epic New Year. To make that happen, Gartner Senior Director Analyst Shyane Jackson recommends six essential SKO planning strategies. With the right approach, reps should respond with “SKO FTW” and not “WTF SKO.”  

Loud culture

From “quiet quitting” to “quiet firing” and “quiet hiring,” there’s a lot of disquieting “quieting” going on in the working world. Quiet quitting is the scariest of the three for employers, as it’s the only one they can’t entirely control. Employees “quiet quit” for different reasons, but there is one thing employers can do to ease the impact – drown out the quiet with a loud and vibrant culture. If only it were that easy. Creating a healthy culture takes a lot of time and attention, but if you’re committed to making it happen, Inc. Magazine offers up three things you can do to keep employees from quitting. If you do it right, we made up another ridiculous term for you: rip-roaring retention.



The Closer | 4 Salesforce Opportunity Management Best Practices for Better Forecasts

Sunny with a chance of revenue growth

2023 is just around the corner. Is it just us, or is technology speeding everything up these days? Thankfully, that’s a rhetorical question, because there is no time to waste. As the year winds down, it’s time to focus on 2023 sales forecasting. You know that sales forecasts are not always correct – you have probably lived it too – which can lead some to frustration right around this time of year. Well, worry not, because Groove has your back with a blog all about improving sales forecasts with four Salesforce opportunity management best practices. This fresh advice might just be your ticket to a less cloudy 2023 sales forecast. The weatherman confirms, it’s clear skies ahead.



The Closer | How emoji can divide the workplace

Dodgy emoji 🤦

There is a staggering amount of work getting done over email, text, and Slack these days, but it’s not without challenges. The written word makes it difficult to convey emotion and tone, which can lead to messy misunderstandings. Thankfully, we solved all that with emojis…or did we? It turns out that just like words, the meanings of emojis can also evolve, especially within different communities and age groups. Little did the GenXer know that the approving intent of his 👍 came across as passive-aggressive to his millennial colleague. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 🤯 You can learn what emojis are currently causing friction in the workplace and what to do about it over at Axios. 👀

Negotiation sharks 

Coming face-to-face with a skilled negotiator when you are unprepared is like going ocean swimming wearing a meat suit – you are just asking to get bit. Now, we don’t condone testing a shark’s affinity for attack, but we do encourage taking the extra time to prepare before your next sales deal. Of course, you will need to be armed with detailed information about the company and facts on how the product can solve their pain points, but sharpening your sales negotiation skills should also be high on your list. If you don’t feel like taking a negotiation course, we recommend checking out ValueSelling Associates’ blog on the five ways to negotiate a win-win in sales. Add negotiation to your skillset – it’s a win-win.

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