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Predict the future. Change the future.

Clari Webinar

We recently teamed up with Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance (RevCG), for a webinar focused on helping sales leaders run revenue more effectively. Titled Predict the Future. Change the Future,” the webinar features real-world advice and insights from Groove’s VP of Sales, Ben Budde, and Clari’s SVP of Marketing, Kyle Coleman. (View recording here.)

Revenue is the most important business process for your company. So why aren’t all organizations making sure their revenue-critical teams are on the same page?

In the webinar, Ben and Kyle break down how to run revenue like a pro and stop revenue leak with the right systems, insights, and strategies. In case you missed it, you can watch the event recording. Short on time? Here are some of the main takeaways.


  • The real reason for low tech stack adoption is lack of cross-functional adoption
  • The downside of shadow CRMs is duplicate data and non-customizable workflows
  • Cross-functional adoption of sales engagement platforms leads to better revenue insights
  • Clari and Groove help close the revenue loop with insight and action 

Clari and Groove: Better Together

Through our partnership with Clari, we are helping joint customers run revenue with more precision, greater collaboration, and faster execution.

Clari’s unique combination of historical insight, real-time capabilities, and forward-looking projections gives all revenue-critical employees – from reps to execs – the ability to stop revenue leak and the confidence to achieve revenue precision. 

Groove’s sales productivity platform empowers every seller to reach their full potential by arming them with a suite of tools that improve sales execution and drive greater consistency, which ultimately leads to increased quota attainment over time. 

With Clari as the system of collaboration and governance, and Groove as the system of action, revenue organizations can improve sales execution, drive greater consistency, and act on key insights to stop revenue leak.

Forecasting is not just a spreadsheet exercise…To do efficient and effective forecasting, you have to understand your past, you have to know what’s going on in the present, to be able to forecast your future.

– Kyle Coleman, SVP of Marketing, Clari

See the future with Clari. Create the future with Groove. Learn how to stop revenue leak in its tracks, watch the webinar to see a demo of Clari and Groove.

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