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Put me in coach, I’m ready to sell

The Closer | Put me in coach, I’m ready to sell


Put me in coach, I’m ready to sell

Hollywood is awash with films about inspirational coaches who lead an amateur, disorganized, and/or demoralized team to victory. From Gene Hackman in Hoosiers to Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso, we love watching coaches help players reach their full potential. Fewer movies have been made about sales coaches, but their impact on teams can be just as great. But that’s the movies. What about real life? Sadly, Gartner reports that only 40% of sellers work in organizations with an established coaching culture. With virtual selling requiring new skills, coaching is more important than ever. Check out Gartner’s State of Sales Manager Coaching research, and then get ready to take your team to the championships!

RevOps revs up

With all the focus on RevOps these days, it’s hard to believe that the term was just a sparkle in an industry analyst’s eye a few short years ago. These days, you can hardly swing a cat without hitting someone in revenue operations. Also, please don’t swing cats. That’s mean. If you’re wondering what’s next for RevOps in 2021, you’re not alone. Salesforce Ben is also curious and partnered with the fastest-growing community for operations and systems leaders, Wizard of Ops (yes, that’s their real name), to find out. A survey for their Future of Ops and Admins Report is in the field now, so don’t miss your chance to be immortalized in their research. You know you want to.

Warning: working at home may lead to injury or death

There have been lots of stories about the benefits of working from home – no commute, higher productivity, happier pets. However, most gloss over another disturbing trend – injury and death. Okay, “death” is a bit of a stretch, but it turns out that all of that working from your futon, kitchen table, or bed may be taking a toll on your body in a very nerdy-type of way – ergonomic injuries. The Wall Street Journal reports that poorly designed home workspaces are leading to an increase in home workplace injuries. In addition to ill-positioned keyboards, bad posture is also a leading cause of these ergonomic “soft tissue injuries.” So, it turns out your mom was right. It is better if you sit up straight.


Just you watch

The Closer | Just you watch

If you don’t normally pay attention to company growth awards like the Inc. 5000, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, or SF Business Times Fast 100, you might be surprised to learn that BuiltIn has identified Groove as one of the top 21 San Francisco Bay Area companies to watch in 2021. The rest of you probably saw this coming. With back-to-back awards for company growth and the top-rated sales engagement platform on G2 for two years running, Groove hasn’t exactly been shy about promoting our upward trajectory. In fact, we’re doing it right now.


“One last thing,” and other annoying ways that buyers negotiate

The Closer | “One last thing,” and other annoying ways that buyers negotiate
Everyone likes a good deal, however, whether you see it as good or not depends on whether you’re the buyer or the seller. In the world of B2B sales, buyers have a number of tactics at their disposal to try to get sellers to lower their prices, and it’s in the best interest of sellers to understand how to diffuse them. Sales consultancy RAIN Group has analyzed the tactics of more than 400 business and procurement buyers and cataloged the five most effective ways that buyers get sellers to lower their prices. You know how Steve Jobs would end every Apple product event with “One last thing?” Buyers do this too, but it’s to cut your revenue potential – not reveal a new iPad. Beware of the black turtleneck, and study these tactics to retain more of your revenue.

Can’t we just be friends?

There is a long and storied history of sales and marketing not getting along. Whether sales is unhappy with the leads or marketing isn’t thrilled with the follow-up, there are plenty of opportunities for disagreement. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sales and marketing are best when they are working together, hand in hand. Okay, maybe getting to a place of actual hand holding is a bit optimistic, but there are strategies to help the teams work better together. In fact, sales consultancy Sandler Training has come up with exactly “Five Ways to Change the Dynamic Between Marketing and Sales.” Of course, if your sales and marketing teams are holding hands, you may not want to change the dynamic. We leave that up to you.

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