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Retention intervention

The Closer | Retention intervention

Retention intervention

Take a look at any successful sales team, and you will find one thing in common: salespeople. While this may be obvious, finding effective ways to keep and motivate them isn’t usually so clear. Retaining top sales talent is a perennial challenge, and it just got challenge-ier. While the name is a bit dramatic, The Great Resignation is real. So, if you’re interested in hanging on to your best salespeople while grooming the next generation of superstars, there are a few things you need to do. Whether you’re a fan of alliteration or not, we recommend checking out Gartner’s 4Cs for helping sales leaders attract, motivate, and retain top sales talent. (Compensating in crypto-currency is not one of the tips.)

A matter of priorities

A luxury watch, 100-year-old scotch whiskey, or 88” OLED TV. A lot of things can seem like priorities in the moment (or when in Costco). However, when we’re talking about sales priorities for 2022, there is a lot more at stake than maxing out your Visa card. Setting your sales team up for success in a year full of uncertainty will take effort, but a lot of the hard work should already be done. All the resources you’ve invested in equipping your team for excelling in a hybrid-selling world will also help you weather the inevitable vagaries to come. Wherever you are in adapting your sales team to this new selling reality, you can find helpful tips for getting your sales priorities right in 2022 in CustomerThink magazine.


In the Groove with TIBCO

The Closer | In the Groove with TIBCO

Can you imagine being responsible for helping hundreds of salespeople sell an extensive portfolio of complicated technology products? Kyle Scott, Manager of Sales Strategy and Technology at TIBCO can. It’s what he does every day. The task may sound daunting, but it’s made a lot easier by one of his favorite sales technologies – Groove. With Groove, TIBCO’s reps can automate their follow-up so opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. Plus, Groove’s templates ensure consistent messaging and allow reps to easily share the most successful ones. TIBCO reps also like that they can use Groove where they already work: Gmail and Salesforce. We could go on, but Kyle already has in this TIBCO video interview.

Logging vs. tracking

You say potato, we say potahto. When it comes to root vegetables, there’s no point squabbling over minor differences. That’s not the case for two similar-sounding sales tech capabilities: email logging and email tracking. Unlike how you might use “logging” and “tracking” synonymously to document the steps you take every day, these words mean completely different things when paired with “email” in a sales context. One is more about understanding real-time engagement, and the other is about getting context for more relevant conversations. If you’re starting to get confused, you’re in luck. We recently wrote the definitive guide to email tracking and email logging on our blog.


Sell, win, repeat

The Closer | Sell, win, repeat

Getting your sales team into a rhythm where they are reliably generating predictable revenue isn’t rocket science – but there is definitely other science involved. It comes down to creating a repeatable sales process in service of what some in the industry refer to as the holy grail of B2B sales: an efficient, consistent GTM motion. One person who refers to it in this way is Ross Rich, the CEO & Founder at Accord. If you’re looking for some useful strategies for building out a GTM motion at your organization, Ross has a lot of recommendations. Better yet, he has lots of experience. He built out the GTM motion from scratch at Accord and Stripe before that.

Three salespeople walk into a deal

The Pope, Tom Brady, and Kim Kardashian are having drinks at a bar. That’s a good set-up for a joke, but not a good environment for hearing helpful B2B sales advice – and we know that’s why you’re here. Imagine a different scenario where three salespeople are vying for the same deal. While they have a lot more in common than the motley crew mentioned earlier, these salespeople couldn’t be more different in their approach to sales. This is the scenario that sales consultant Anthony Iannario has devised to illustrate the differences between three popular sales approaches. Spoiler: only one closes the deal.

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