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RevenueNext Fall 2021 Recap


The third installment of Groove’s virtual customer conference, RevenueNext 2021, was a smashing success. We shared our recent $45 million Series B funding announcement, unveiled two new game-changing Groove features, and heard insights from customers and partners about supercharging Salesforce and sales teams to drive more revenue.

If you weren’t able to attend or want to relive the magic, you can check out the highlights from our sessions below:

Groove State of the Union

Chris Rothstein, Co-founder and CEO of Groove

Groove is here to help our customers supercharge their Salesforce and provide for the unique needs of any organization. In Groove’s State of the Union, Co-founder and CEO, Chris Rothstein discusses customer case studies for Tenable and Sendoso. Watch the video to learn how Tenable and Sendoso use Groove to make their sales team more productive, inform data-driven strategic decisions, improve rep workflows, scale engagement, and accelerate revenue.

Measurement Matters: Best Practices for Enhanced ROI Reporting

Connor Jeffers, Founder and CEO of Aptitude 8

In this spotlight session, Connor Jeffers of Aptitude 8 explores how using Salesforce campaigns can help leaders understand the impact of sales engagement on revenue, and have deeper insight into what is driving business. Watch below to gain expertise from Jeffers as he guides the audience through best practices for implementing campaigns to optimize your team’s strategy.

How Elastic Built a High-Performance, Predictable Revenue Engine

Gary Smyth, Senior Director, Sales Enablement, Elastic

Gary Smyth of Elastic shares how his team utilized standardized fields and inside sales processes to drive long-term incremental revenue growth. Watch the video highlight below to learn why Smyth emphasizes leveraging people, process, and technology to grow revenue and conversion rates, all while decreasing costs.

Final Words

Groove’s RevenueNext was the best one yet. As Groove continues to scale operations, launch new products, and dominate the enterprise segment, you can expect RevenueNext to serve up bigger news and invigorating take-aways with every event. Tune in next quarter for more.

G2 Fall 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement

G2 Sales Engagement Software Report

Learn why Groove is leading the pack, and how the top providers are ranked across several criteria, including user satisfaction and G2’s proprietary Relationship Index/Momentum Grid®.

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