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Rise of the (sales tech) mutants

The Closer | Rise of the (sales tech) mutants

Rise of the (sales tech) mutants

We all know what happened to Peter Parker when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. But what if the spider had bitten Aquaman? You’d have a superhero who could talk to fish and climb walls. That’s essentially what’s happening in the sales tech space – but without capes or secret identities. Already powerful technologies are mutating to become even stronger. Whether through acquisitions or new products, sales tech providers are gaining new powers, and that’s good news for revenue leaders and teams. Learn how sales tech providers are mutating into new categories in the latest post from your friendly neighborhood Forrester analyst Anthony McPartlin.

2022 is the shift

If you thought 2021 was full of change, buckle up, because 2022 is expected to bring even more shifts to the new (and old) normal. Navigating change upon change is no easy feat, but preparation is half the victory. B2B sales has already undergone a ton of change over the past year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing. Hybrid selling and multithreading are just the tip of the iceberg. According to Alyssa Merwin, the VP of Global Solutions at LinkedIn, there are several B2B sales trends that revenue leaders should be paying attention to in 2022.

Meets expectations

Receiving a “meets expectations” during an annual review isn’t something most people celebrate, but it turns out to be an excellent goal when it comes to serving up buyer experiences. The digital transformation of the B2B buying experience hasn’t just made it easier for buyers to buy, it’s also upped their expectations for personalized communications. So how do you best meet buyer expectations? Wanda Roland, CX Global Sales Leader at Capgemini, recommends five areas that sales leaders should focus on to uplevel the buyer experience. It’s practical advice that exceeds expectations.


Learning the lingo

The Closer | Learning the lingo

If everyone spoke the same language, Lingotek would be out of business. Fortunately for Lingotek, today’s global marketplace creates a huge demand for translation services. The trick is taking advantage of the opportunity. For Lingotek, that involved implementing Groove as the central pillar of its revenue operations strategy. Greg Larsen, VP of Global Revenue Operations at Lingotek, shares some insights into how sales automation translated into more meetings, happier customers, and $3M in pipeline within 3 months. 


Get in the game

The Closer | Get in the gameWhether you’re a seller or a buyer, the first couple weeks of January are often slow. Reps are dreading cold calling and buyers are silencing their cell phones as they rebound from vacation mode. However, the beginning of the year might just be the worst time to take it easy. If you don’t hit the ground running in January, you can kiss your Q1 and yearly sales goals goodbye. Get into selling mode by following Forrester VP and Senior Research Director Phil Harrell’s four tips on how to start off 2022 strong. The clock is ticking. It’s time to get selling.

Hypothesize this

How do I double the size of my pipeline? How do I close the biggest deal of my career? These are questions that deserve some good old-fashioned brainpower to dissect. Before throwing yourself right into the action, step back and plan out your next steps. One wrong move and the biggest deal of your career might just become the biggest loss. If only there was a scientific method for sales…well, actually there is. Sales training company RAIN Group created one. So next time you have a mind-bogglingly large sales concern to work through, turn to RAIN Group’s four-step problem-solving system to lead strong discussions with buyers.

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