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Sales and finance need to work out their trust issues

The Closer | Sales and finance need to work out their trust issues


Sales and finance need to work out their trust issues

If we were to ask you what two departments aren’t exactly known for getting along, your first response would likely be Sales and Marketing. The problem with that response isn’t just that it’s become cliché, it also overshadows another oft-strained relationship that needs our attention – Sales and Finance. Every quarter, Sales puts together forecasts that are routinely amended, rejected, and/or privately scoffed at by the CFO. Part of the problem is a distrust of CRM data, and another part is a simple divergence of priorities. Whereas Sales is focused on growth, CFOs are concerned about costs. According to the Harvard Business Review, if Sales and Finance can find a way to come together and align on goals, there would be a lot less to disagree about. Fortunately, HBR has some helpful tips for doing just that.

Start video?

Every time you join a Zoom meeting, you’re faced with the same nerve-wracking decision: turn your camera on or leave it off? The intense deliberation automatically kicked off by the site of the Start Video icon is real and common. Is this meeting important enough to warrant being on camera? Who else will be on camera? Have I made the bed? The rapid proliferation of video calls have far outpaced the establishment of etiquette rules that are needed to govern these inherently personal interactions. And there is hardly a consensus across the Zoomiverse. It turns out that there are multiple schools of thoughts on the camera on/camera off debate, and Digiday was kind enough to interview a bunch of smart people to get their opinions. Unfortunately, any conclusions you come to from this article won’t automatically change your company’s camera culture. So you better make your bed, just in case.


A partnership of seismic proportions

The Closer | A partnership of seismic proportions

What do you get when you combine the #1 sales engagement platform for Salesforce with the industry leader in sales enablement? Good things. Very good things. Groove and Seismic have teamed up to give reps the sales superpower of easily delivering personalized content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Want to add a Marketing-approved case study in Seismic to a Groove nurture Flow? Easy. Want to follow up with tailored content right from your inbox? Check. Using Groove and Seismic together has never been streamline-ier. Reps can now access relevant content and CRM data in one place, without switching back and forth between systems. Sales leaders have it good too. They can combine Groove’s engagement data with Seismic’s content performance metrics to get comprehensive intelligence on every deal. In summary: good things, very good things.

Good things come in threes

You know that guy who won’t stop going on about himself? “I’m so great at this.” I’m so awesome at that.” We’re trying really hard not to be that guy, but it’s difficult when we keep winning awards that are too good not to share. TrustRadius just came out with its Top Rated Awards, and Groove was very happy to walk away with three shiny badges for Sales Engagement, Sales Acceleration, and Sales Email Tracking. What makes these awards especially sweet is that they are determined by positive reviews from verified users. We pride ourselves in having a sales engagement platform that’s easy to use, good at what it does, and supported by the best people in the business, so it’s always rewarding to hear customers echo these benefits right back at us. And with that, we’ll stop going on about ourselves. For now.


Taking the lead, virtually

The Closer | Taking the lead, virtually
Even though you’ve made it to the fifth article in this newsletter, we know you’re still very busy and short on time. We also know you’re interested in best practices and tips that will enable you to master your craft – especially in our new remote selling reality. Sales consultancy RAIN Group apparently knows that too, because they just came out with a quick-scan infographic highlighting “Four Ways to Take the Lead in Virtual Selling.” So, take a couple of minutes to learn some practical tips for leading a sales conversation to a fruitful conclusion, even if you’re doing it thousands of miles away from a makeshift desk in your hallway.

Learn something really new

Normally, we’d use this space to feature another article chocked full of sales insights for mastering your craft. However, what if we told you that learning something new in a completely different area could have a positive impact on your career – and life in general? Okay, what if it was Bloomberg who told you, and not us? Bloomberg recently explored how regular participation in different hobbies can positively impact your mood, relationships, and, yes, the quality of your work. Will learning how to paint help you close that big IBM deal? Not directly, but feeling challenged and fulfilled in other areas of your life, might give you the confidence or creativity to push the deal across the goal line. Plus, you’ll have more art to hang in the hallway.

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