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Sales Engagement and Tech Marketing Learnings: A SalesStar Podcast


You could call 2020 “The Year of Online Agility.” While the year’s events disrupted the plans and goals of most, some organizations used the changes to their advantage, pivoting to new strategies, channels, and technologies that propelled them in a rapidly shifting landscape.

One of the biggest challenges facing revenue teams in the current environment is how to get in front of buyers in the online spaces in which they now spend more of their time. Where are buyers doing research? How are they learning about our product? What are they hoping to solve? How can sales and marketing teams better understand their buyers?

With years of experience leading teams at high-growth startups, nobody is in a better position to speak to these questions than experienced growth marketer and Groove VP of Marketing, Kristin Hersant. She sat down with Paroma Sen of SalesTech Star for a podcast that covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • What 2020 taught sales and marketing leaders
  • Non-traditional marketing channels that win in the digital age
  • The ROI of “Surprise and Delight”
  • What it means to be a “Series-A CMO”
  • How Groove stepped on the gas in 2020 and accelerated growth

Listen to the full 20-minute interview below.

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