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Sales ops snapshot

The Closer | Forrester’s Q1 2022 Sales Operations Pulse Survey Results

Sales ops snapshot

There’s no guarantee that a snapshot of your dog yawning will generate millions of dollars as an NFT. However, if you’re looking for a snapshot with more potential value (and you’re really interested in sales operations), we’ve got some good news for you. Forrester just generated a “snapshot in time” of the sales operations role with a recent B2B Pulse survey. According to respondents across sales, sales ops, and revenue ops, the sales operations function has some ground to cover when it comes to balancing tactics and strategy. Check out Forrester’s Q1 2022 Sales Operations Pulse Survey Results on its blog. No NFT purchase required.

Understanding the situation

Any fan of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore knows it’s impossible to truly understand The Situation – and that’s probably best. However, as a B2B sales professional, it’s in your best interest to understand your buyer’s situation. Understanding a buyer’s current pain is key, but it’s just the beginning. According to Gartner, sales leaders need to revamp standardized sales approaches to incorporate situational awareness competencies. Only then can sellers truly connect with buyers and respond to their needs in the moment. It’s always important to remember that just like The Situation’s abs, no two buyers are completely alike.

Myth busters

The world is flat. The five second rule. President’s Club is a secret society that controls the world’s governments. While some people may still believe these myths, they have actually all been disproven. One thing all of these myths have in common is that they’ve never directly caused a sales team to miss their quota. There are specific B2B sales myths that do that. Phil Harrell, VP and Sr. Research Director at Gartner, believes there are several common myths that are holding B2B sales leaders back. From the 3X pipeline rule of thumb to the necessity of hero reps, sales leaders need to learn how to replace myths with data-driven insights. However, after learning these myths, you’ll want to wait an hour before swimming.


The Closer | G2’s Spring 2022 Grid ReportsA word about G2’s Spring 2022 Grid Reports

Look. We get it. If it seems like every three months Groove is touting its standing as the highest-rated sales engagement platform on G2, you’re absolutely right (and also very observant). Every quarter, G2 publishes its Grid Reports, and every quarter for the last fourteen, Groove’s sales engagement platform has been ranked #1 for customer satisfaction. And it’s not just sales engagement. Groove was also ranked #1 across six sales tech categories. Unlike unsolicited stock picks or an eldery relative complaining about “the youths,” hearing about these reports never gets old.


The Closer | three keys to a successful sales careerSales school

There’s a good chance you may have taken Psychology 101 to fulfill a scientific prerequisite requirement in undergrad. But you probably never attended a Sales Psych 101 class, unless, of course, you went to one of the few schools in the nation with a sales major. Getting a crash course in sales psychology may just be exactly what you need to take your skills to the next level. RAIN Group is here to help with an article on using psychological principles to change how buyers think. Pro tip: you may want to take notes.

Not your baking soda and vinegar volcano…

On the topic of school, remember how science experiments needed a constant variable to find the answer? Sales is a little bit like that. It is one of those careers where success is often variable and out of your control. One day you might get a hundred rejections, and on another you might hear back from a lead that had ghosted you many months before. The only variable you can control is yourself and the work you put in. That’s why Forbes wrote an article depicting three keys to a successful sales career. It’s time for a little homework.

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