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Sales success sequels

The Closer - Scaling B2B Sales Strategies

Sales success sequels

Empire Strikes Back. Caddyshack 2. Wonder Woman 1984. Sometimes it pays off to replicate a huge success, and sometimes it doesn’t. Star Wars was clearly poised to be a huge cinematic tour de force. Caddyshack? Not so much. Knowing when a success should be replicated is key in the world of cinema and B2B sales. Make the wrong choice, and you can spend tons of resources rolling out the next Titanic 2 of sales strategies. The Harvard Business Review offers four questions sales leaders should ask before scaling a successful sales strategy. Everyone loves an incredible Cinderella story, but not all end with a hole in one.

Sales ER

“Get me their vitals. STAT!” sounds like a line from Grey’s Anatomy or maybe even a real hospital emergency room (spoiler: it turns out that Grey’s isn’t real). If you’re a doctor, you pay close attention to heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level; however, these are all fairly useless to a sales leader trying to revive a dying deal. According to Forbes, there are three types of vital signs in B2B sales. Directed, detected, and insights are the vitals you should be checking – and the obvious premise of the next hit series – Sales ER.


The Closer | 2022 SF Business Times Best Places to Work Awards

Humble is our middle name

San Francisco: home of the Golden Gate Bridge, sourdough bread, and the SF Business Times Best Places to Work Awards. The latter might seem like a curious addition to this list, but not to us. That’s probably because we just came in at #3. Groove has a bunch of amazing SF Bay Area employees, and it’s an honor that they have propelled us to the top with their honest and verified reviews. Check out our placement in the SF Business Times Best Places to Work, and then visit our Careers page to find out how you can be a part of our amazing company. We never said we won any awards for humility. (And if we did, we’d certainly let you know.)

Brooksource + Groove = Perfection

What do you get when you pair a national technology staffing firm with a powerful and easy-to-use sales engagement platform? Unbelievable results. After implementing Groove, Brooksource gained more visibility into their reps performance and improved collaboration, leading to better coaching and an 83% increase in average revenue per rep. Yeah, we know those are incredible stats, but the math checks out. Learn more about how Groove is helping Brooksource produce astonishing sales results in our new case study.


The Closer | five root causes of an underperforming sales team

Back to the basics

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. A sales team and a strong sales leader. What do these things have in common? Simply put, they’re just better together. Look at any high-achieving sales team, and you’re guaranteed to find a powerful leader steering them in the right direction. There’s a laundry list of ways to improve in the world of sales, but sales trainer Anthony Iannarino takes us back to the basics with the five root causes of an underperforming sales team. Starting with a lack of effective leadership, this blog will get you thinking.

Right under your nose

Ever opened your fridge to look for some ranch dressing, not found it, convinced yourself you must be all out, and then suddenly realize it was front and center the entire time? Sometimes, the answer you’re looking for is right under your nose. Whether you’re seeking a delicious dipping sauce or a new sales lead, it can be hard to distinguish where to look to find the most fruitful (or flavorful) outcome. One corner that often gets overlooked in the sales world is, surprisingly, existing customers. Luckily, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, has a few tips on how you can get more bang for your buck by expanding your impact on already secured accounts. The gold is there, even if you don’t see it at first.

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