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Sales tech mayhem gets mayhem-ier

The Closer | sales tech mayhem gets mayhem-ier

Sales tech mayhem gets mayhem-ier

A couple of weeks ago, Gartner introduced a blog series about “Sales Tech Mayhem” focused on industry consolidation in the white-hot sales tech market, with ZoomInfo’s acquisition of Chorus as the headline of the week. Fast-forward…three weeks, and it’s only gotten “mayhem-ier.” In this short amount of time, Seismic is now acquiring Lessonly, Bigtincan is doing the same thing with Brainshark, and two more sales tech unicorns were born (bringing the total to 8). Gartner analysts Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb probably didn’t think they would need to address the topic again so soon, but that’s what you get when you’re dealing with sales tech mayhem. To better understand all the movement in the sales tech space and new buying trends that signal the need for more value-driven, relationship based sales experiences, check out Craig and Dan’s new Sales Tech Mayhem update – complete with 33 more bullets!

And then there were two…categories

Yes, there’s been a lot of consolidation in the broader sales tech category this year, but in the past two weeks all the big news has been about sales enablement. So, what the heck is going on? That’s the question Forrester asked. Well, not exactly the same question, because Forrester is too classy to use the word “heck.” In a recent Quick Take analysis, Forrester VP and Research Director Peter Ostrow makes the prediction that the sales technology landscape will consolidate into two categories – sales enablement and sales operations. Peter also reports that in his 14 years as an analyst, he’s never seen such an aggressive consolidation environment as what’s taking place right now. Read Forrester’s Quick Take to learn what’s driving the consolidation and the fallout in the form of muddled messaging, buyer confusion, and more.

The rise and fall of the side hustle

Over the past year and a half, remote workers have had to adapt to a new way of working – one without commutes, in-person meetings, or constant interruptions. What this meant for a lot of people was hours back in their day. No doubt, many are likely using this newfound time to sleep in a little, have a sit-down breakfast, or build a tree-fort. However, some of the more ambitious are using that time to turn hobbies and other interests into lucrative side hustles. From selling baked goods online to finally building that killer app, 34% of American adults report making some money in their spare time. It’s never been a better time for a side hustle, but that time may be running out for many. FastCompany explores how return-to-work mandates are signaling the end for many of these pandemic-enabled money-making endeavors. Soon, millions may be waiting in traffic instead of waiting for their cakes to rise.



The Closer | EVERFI in HI-FI

If we ever needed an organization like EVERFI, it’s now. In the midst of a deadly pandemic and deep divisions in society, EVERFI is meeting the moment with educational programs designed to tackle social issues often overlooked in traditional education. Helping this company reach more people is a good thing, and Groove is proud to be playing its part. But just how is Groove helping? That’s a question best asked of EVERFI’s EVP of Revenue Enablement Caroline Holt. A seasoned sales executive, Caroline knows a thing or two about making sales teams successful, and she shares how Groove supports that effort in an extensive Q&A on our blog. Don’t like reading? There’s also a video. You’re welcome.


An hour, a quarter, a year

The Close | An hour, a quarter, a year

Change doesn’t happen overnight. According to Google auto-complete, it also doesn’t happen “in a vacuum,” “by chance,” or, for some reason, “in your comfort zone.” We’re not sure how many of those are true, but we do know there are many things leaders can do to create positive change for their employees and their business – even in a remote environment. We know this because Salesforce interviewed executives from Cisco, KPMG, Accenture and others about their top business tips that can be implemented over an hour, a quarter, or a year. From setting up an interdisciplinary Slack channel to encourage cross-team collaboration (one hour) to creating a strategy to ensure a safe return to the workplace (one year), there’s lots of great tips for the short and long-term. And remember, change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. Unless it does.

Coffee and oatmeal

General Mills would have you believe that Wheaties is the “Breakfast of Champions;” however, Karen Peesker prefers coffee and oatmeal, and she is a huge champion of women in sales and buyer-first sales insights. She is also the Assistant Professor and Director of the Ted Rogers Sales Leadership Program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, and recently co-authored a “Journal of Selling” article advocating for greater representation of women in the field of B2B sales. If you think she sounds like a super interesting sales leader who you’d like to get to know better, you’re in luck. LinkedIn recently interviewed Karen about her work to increase the number of women in sales and why she is so passionate about buyer-first selling. They also wanted to know the last thing she binge-watched.

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