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Sales tech on aisle 4

The Closer | Sales tech on aisle 4

Sales tech on aisle 4

If your local supermarket sold B2B SaaS solutions, you’d find the sales tech aisle pretty overwhelming. From sales engagement and enablement to revenue and conversation intelligence solutions, there are tons of options. Think of it like picking out a tasty bbq sauce from 38 different choices that all look pretty similar – but with much higher stakes if you make the wrong decision. Before you head down the sales tech aisle, we recommend checking out the “Four Steps Sales Leaders Should Take To Make The Right Sales Tech Investments In 2022” post from Forrester VP and Senior Research Director Phil Harrell. It’s time to find out which smokey or tangy solution will best spice up your 2022 results.

Chance of a full return to office is very remote

Remember when the vaccines came out and businesses started to make “return to office” plans? Or how about when cases started to spike again and all those dates got pushed out? Not good times. Fast forward to today, and the omicron variant is making one thing clear: remote work isn’t going away any time soon – or as some experts put it, “the idea of a full return is dead.” If you’re wondering how corporations are responding, you’re not alone. NBC News just published an exposé on return-to-office initiatives and the rise of remote work. On the plus side, remote work is working, and most workers are quite happy with the arrangement.


These awards are the best

The Closer | TrustRadius Best of Awards

World’s best cup of coffee. Best burger in town. “Best” is one of those words that doesn’t always live up to expectations. However, there are situations where “best” is held to a higher standard. A great example is the “Best Of” awards from TrustRadius. Instead of relying on a hand-painted sign outside a taco shop, TrustRadius looks at verified user reviews to identify B2B tech products that stand out in the areas most important to technology buyers. That’s why we’re happy to report that Groove won the 2022 TrustRadius Awards for Best Feature Set and Best Relationship in the sales engagement category. How does it feel? The best.

The ROI of Sales ROI

As Donald Rumsfeld, Socrates, or maybe Yogi Berra (the internet is unclear) once said , “you don’t know what you don’t know.” It’s a clever quote, but it should never deter you from trying to know the unseemingly unknowable. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the ROI of your sales efforts. If the very thought of tackling that challenge sends you into a tizzy, you might be interested to learn a little more about Salesforce campaigns. From what activities lead to shorter sales cycles to what messaging leads to more closed/won business, you can learn how to measure sales ROI by tying Salesforce campaigns to your sales motions on the Groove blog. It’s worth adding to the list of things that you know that you know.


Just walk away

The Closer | Just walk away“And I’ll never never know; Just how I let you go; But there’s nothing left to say; Just walk away.” There’s at least one reason that Celine Deon isn’t an icon in the B2B sales industry. A good sales rep will know exactly when and why to walk away from a deal – and the best way to do it. One of the worst things a salesperson can do is to waste time on the wrong opportunity. Not only does learning when to walk away give you more time to work more important deals, but it also helps sales leaders improve sales forecasts. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that it’s time to walk away from a deal, and the LinkedIn blog has cataloged four of them.

Do take it personally

Telling someone not to take something personally usually ends with them doing exactly that. These conversations rarely end well. In the world of sales, however, there are situations where getting reps to take things personally can be good for everyone involved. As a sales leader, showing reps how achieving revenue goals can enable them to achieve their own personal goals is a powerful way to instill drive and discipline. There are several ways you can tie company goals to personal goals to improve rep performance, and you can learn all about it on the Sandler Training blog.

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