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Salesforce embraces remote possibilities

The Closer - Salesforce embraces remote possibilities


Salesforce embraces remote possibilities

We could plan on being back in the office by spring 2021, experts said. No later than late summer, they corrected themselves a few months later. Now there are whispers that many companies won’t be welcoming back office workers until 2022. It’s hard to know what to believe, but if you like working from home and are one of the 54,000 employees working at Salesforce, you may no longer have to worry about it. According to the Wall Street Journal, the venerable tech titan is planning to let the vast majority of its employees work from home full-time if they so desire. Will that kick off a trend for other companies to follow suit? Will office-loving Salesforce employees get an entire floor of Salesforce Tower all to themselves? Time will tell.

Salesforce embraces Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, businesses around the country are embracing ways to support the Black community and celebrate the contributions that people of color have made to their company and society at large. It should come as no surprise that a company known for supporting social justice issues (and building a 1,070 foot tall office tower) would take it to the next level. Digiday reports that Salesforce has sponsored The Atlantic’s Black History project “Inheritance” to the tune of seven figures. Chapter 1 of this ambitious project is currently online, and based on the content so far, you’ll want to sign up for notifications about the launch of Chapter 2.


Best mode

The Closer - Best mode

Sellers have an innate drive to continually push themselves to be at the top of their game. Maybe that’s why Groove loves salespeople so much – we get you. That’s also why we’re particularly thrilled that our sales engagement platform has been honored in eight categories of G2’s Best Software Awards 2021. Don’t worry, while alpha sales reps aren’t especially known for being modest, Groove is not going to drone on and on about how out of the 100,000 or so companies reviewed on G2, we were a Top 50 Product for Enterprise, Sales, Marketing, Satisfaction, and more. However, if you’re into that type of thing, check out our G2 Best Software Award accomplishments on the best blog in the whole wide world.

Howdy, partner(ships)

The Wild West was a rough and tumble place. Being simply strong was often not enough. What you really needed back then was a posse of loyal partners who always had your back. Picking a software vendor can also seem like the Wild West, but if you find one with a good network of partners, you increase your odds of hitching your wagon to a winner. When it comes to partner relationships at Groove, there is a new sheriff (aka head of partnerships) in town, and his name is Tehsin Daya. From driving new opportunities with existing partners, to rustling up new ones, you can read about Tehsin and his past partnership adventures on our blog.


What successful sellers did right in 2020

The Closer - What successful sellers did right in 2020

There were times when you thought 2020 would never end, but here we are in 2021. We made it! It certainly feels good to move on, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could easily look back on the triumphs and failures of the past year to learn critical selling skills for blowing out 2021 and beyond? If only there was an efficient way to ask hundreds of sales leaders and trainers about the tactics they employed that either helped or hurt revenue growth. It turns out that there is a way to do this, and they’re called surveys. Fortunately for us, ValueSelling Associates used one of these handy tools to uncover the critical concepts and skills that salespeople successfully employed in 2020, and then, believe it or not, LinkedIn went ahead and kindly cataloged all the details on its blog. Amazing.

Should you really build a high-performance sales team?

Yes. Of course you should. The question is not whether one should build a high-performance sales team, but what’s the best way to go about doing it? This is the question that has plagued many of the greatest sales minds for millennia. Maybe not P.T. Barnum, because he had elephants. However, take away the pachyderms, and he’d likely be in the same tent as many of us. We may not have caged animals to help us improve sales, but we do have the Internet, which is also pretty great. If you’d like to learn some helpful steps to get your sales team humming, you can find them on the website of a company known for communicating messages of sales mastery, Sandler Training.

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