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Salesforce is back to one CEO

The Closer | Bret Taylor steps down as co-chair and CEO of Salesforce

Salesforce is back to one CEO

Breaking News: Salesforce used to have two CEOs, and now they are back to one. On Wednesday, Co-CEO Bret Taylor announced that he would be stepping down from the top C-Suite role he has shared since November 2021. His last day will be January 31, 2023, at which point Marc Benioff will remain as sole CEO and chairman of the board. Bret joined Salesforce in 2016 when his company Quip was acquired by Salesforce for $750M. In a statement, Bret said, “I’ve decided to return to my entrepreneurial roots.” You can learn more about Bret’s departure as Co-CEO of Salesforce over at TechCrunch.

Salesforce nativity

There are two ways this article could go. If you were expecting a post about Salesforce creating an elaborate Nativity scene with Salesforce Tower projecting a glorious guiding light, we apologize. The topic of this article is all about what it means when RO&I and Sales Engagement Platforms call themselves “Salesforce Native.” There is a fair amount of confusion around the term, and Forrester Principal Analyst Seth Marrs wants to clear things up. Fully native solutions like Salesforce Sales Engagement come with a distinct set of pros and cons. Platforms with native Salesforce functionality like Groove help revenue teams elevate the pros and mitigate the cons.

No goodbyes for hybrid sales

As sellers began emerging from their Covid bunkers to resume in-person meetings, revenue teams quickly laid out the welcome mat for hybrid sales. It’s been more than a year of this more balanced mix of in-person and remote selling, and it’s clear that hybrid sales has really settled in as a new member of the revenue engine family. If you’re still adjusting to this new reality, Jennifer Stanley and Lisa Donchak from McKinsey & Company offer four ways to embrace a hybrid, remote-first sales model. With hybrid sales reps generating 50% more revenue than field-based reps, the welcome mat has no signs of wear or tear.


The Closer | Remote Selling: 5 Ways to Win in 2023

Embracing remote

Regardless of the increase of hybrid selling this year, many teams are still remote-first. And sales continues to become more and more digital. In fact, studies show that 80% of all sales interactions will be digital by 2025. If you want your sales team to be successful as the industry continues to digitize, you need to take a look at the remote selling challenges your team is facing. To help you get started, we outlined five remote selling challenges revenue teams face today and strategies to overcome them in 2023. Start out on the right foot next year. Get ahead of the game before you fall behind.


The Closer | How Ryan Walsh Sells:

Curious sellers

We learn our ABCs when we are young to help us become successful readers. Ryan Walsh, Founder and CEO of RepVue, also relies on his ABCs as a motto to be a successful seller  – always be curious. He believes that curiosity is the “number-one trait in a salesperson.” That’s a big step up from curiosity’s more controversial role: killing cats. Walsh has done it all during his sales career, from working as Chief Revenue Officer at ChannelAdvisor to helping sales reps find their perfect roles with RepVue. If only we could take a look into how he sells. Oh wait, we can! Check out “How Ryan Walsh Sells: The Most Important Trait is Curiosity” on the LinkedIn Sales Blog. Your curiosity about his sales advice won’t kill you, we swear.

Bring back the Slack

Even though WFH eliminates the risk of chatty employees talking your ear off during lunch or at the water cooler, remote work can sometimes feel louder than an office. The constant dings of Slack messages can be enough to drive someone absolutely mad. And some of us have had enough. If Slack is draining more than just your laptop battery, we have the perfect article for you. Salesforce Ben brings you five useless Slack tips to help you regain your love for Slack. Whether these tricks make you like Slack again or just give you a good laugh, they are worth checking out.

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