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SalesOps props

The Closer | Golden Age of Sales Operations

SalesOps props

You have to give SalesOps props. What started out decades ago as an essential but often overlooked function has exploded in recent years. In fact, some say we’re headed into the “Golden Age of Sales Operations.” Of course, before you take anything as gospel, you should check the source. In this particular case, the source is Gartner. Greg Hessong, a senior director and advisor in the Gartner Sales Practice, believes that “there are big shifts underway that have major implications for the future of SalesOps.” Today’s multi-faceted buying environment places new demands on sellers, and SalesOps is the function that has their back. Learn the driving factors behind the Golden Age of SalesOps on the Gartner blog.

Not dead yet

In Monty Python and The Holy Grail, there’s a scene where a group of men are leading a cart through a village to collect plague victims. At one point, an overzealous villager tries to deposit someone who’s clearly not dead. You know what else is clearly not dead? B2B sales. The buying and selling process has changed dramatically over the past several years, but successful sales teams have learned to adapt. One of the best things you can do is learn how to use MAPs. No, not Google Maps. We’re talking about Mutual Action Plans, of course. Want to learn how Mutual Action Plans can create transparency, build trust, and close more deals? Clari’s VP of Align, Tom Williams, brings the concept to life over at SellingPower. You don’t need a map to find it – the link above will take you right there. 

(Closed) won in a millennial

What are the chances that anyone gets that overly labored pun? One in a million? Do you know what has much better odds? A millennial buyer being at the end of your sales pitch. It turns out that millennials now hold the largest number of decision-making roles in corporate buying. If you’re a millennial, you know this to be true. If you’re not, you should be dead-set on figuring out the buying preferences of this consequential group. To get you started, The Wall Street Journal offers up several essential strategies for selling to millennial buyers. You may think you know how millennials want to buy, but that’s a pretty big gamble when the stakes are so high.


Mohit Lad, Co-Founder of ThousandEyes, a Cisco CompanyMoving on up!

Some people were born to be leaders. For example, take Mohit Lad. After co-founding ThousandEyes in 2010, Mohit led the company to a $1B acquisition by Cisco in August 2020 and now runs Cisco ThousandEyes as general manager of the Networking Assurance business unit. But wait, there’s more. Mohit is also the newest addition to Groove’s Board of Directors. That’s right. We couldn’t be more excited to have him. His background and expertise will play a big role in helping Groove accelerate growth and adoption of our market-leading sales engagement platform. Mohit is every inch a leader. You could even say a thousand inches.


The Closer | sales closing strategies

How to be #1

On the topic of great leaders, we have another “great” to highlight. Ian Koniak is a top sales coach and the former #1 Strategic Account Executive in the Enterprise Select Division of Salesforce. He has worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies and exceeded his quota for 42 consecutive months. Basically, he’s a sales rockstar with a resume to prove it. From how to become the best seller, to finding your “why,” and knowing when to step back, Ian discloses advice that you need to hear. Whether you are at the top of your career or are just starting out, we recommend reading Ian Koniak’s interview with The Quota to find the inspiration you need to grow your sales career. You won’t regret it.

Game time

It seems like everyone is on “World Series” mode these days. But instead of baseball, the economy and sellers’ quotas are being watched closer than the final game. Sellers are feeling the end-of-the-year crunch to hit their numbers. But this year feels harder than ever. So how can you close out the year strong in an economic downturn? From knowing when to disengage to understanding how to use a modest leftover budget, the Sandler blog recommends three powerful strategies to help close opportunities before January 1st. It’s the bottom of the ninth. Time to act before it’s game over.

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