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Single pane of glass

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Single pane of glass

The french doors of an arctic retreat. An L-train adjacent bedroom window. These are two locations where a single pane of glass isn’t ideal. However, there is one place where a single pane of glass would come in pretty handy: sales engagement. With all the convergence and consolidation happening among sales engagement providers, revenue teams would benefit from having all of these expanding capabilities in one platform. Forrester analysts Seth Marrs and Amy Hawthorne are big proponents of a single pane of glass that “provides automation, engagement, visibility, and insights in one place for the seller.” This isn’t advice you want to gloss over.

The fantastic four

When it comes to superhero movies, it seems like Marvel can do no wrong. That’s because you’re forgetting about The Fantastic Four. You know what else isn’t fantastic? Sales and marketing teams that aren’t aligned. Remember when Thor failed to kill Thanos when he had the chance? That’s what it’s like when marketing and sales are creating and executing strategies in a vacuum. According to Gartner, there are four stages of marketing and sales alignment, and the fourth stage, functional alignment, really is fantastic. There’s never been a better time to end the infinity war between these two critical teams.

All the lonely (sales) people

Eleanor Rigby is more than a popular Beatles song, it’s a cautionary tale for revenue teams. We don’t know why Eleanor Rigby was so lonely, but there are many reasons why salespeople are feeling more isolated than ever in today’s virtual selling environment. Sales leaders would be wise to look for telltale signs and help guide any afflicted reps out of this destructive state. It’s not just the right thing to do for the rep as a person, it will also reduce risks to customer relationships. According to the Harvard Business Review, there are eight ways sales leaders can break the destructive cycle of loneliness among their sales reps. When it comes to loneliness, it’s time to come together, not to let it be.


The Closer | Midwest Banking Giant case study

No small potatoes

You make dinner for the whole family. There are appetizers, an entree, and even dessert. You set the table. Everything looks delicious, but it’s missing something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Ah-ha! You forgot the silverware. That is probably how a Midwest publicly traded financial institution felt before Groove. They could eat the dinner, but they were struggling and it didn’t look pretty. In this analogy, food is Salesforce adoption and Groove is the silverware. This banking giant dramatically increased adoption rate after implementing Groove and saw significant gains in tracked activities and productivity. But that’s just the appetizer, there’s more meat in the blinded case study on our blog. It’s no small potatoes.


The Closer | The Grass isn't always greener

Grass is always greener

You and a friend buy ice cream, but his tastes better. The surfers at the other break are catching bigger waves. You sell into finserv, but the tech market pod gets more leads. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. All too often, we want what we can’t have, especially in the competitive B2B sales space. But is it true that one market is better than the rest? LinkedIn analyzed LinkedIn Sales Insights data of sellers using InMail and found that nearly all industries are equal in the likelihood of success. But the unlikely winner is farming. The grass is definitely greener there.

Information overload

Flipping through channels to find a good show can feel like wading through an infinite pool. Similarly, there are now more marketing channels reaching the average consumer than ever before. Because of this, the modern seller has lost control of directing their buyer through the ideal sales funnel. So, how can sales teams take back the reins? By implementing an omnichannel sales strategy, of course! Sounds daunting, we know. But thankfully, SellingPower has all the tips you need to successfully adopt an omnichannel strategy and increase your buyer engagement. No omnipresent powers required, but that would be useful.

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