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Sixth sales sense

The Closer | Gartner adaptive sales strategies

Sixth sales sense

When the big reveal happens in The Sixth Sense, you immediately begin to reframe everything you’ve seen in the movie up to that point. The volatility of the economy right now should be causing that same reaction in your sales planning. The current sales environment is in a state of flux, and that requires sales leaders to quickly adapt to whatever comes next. One of Gartner’s resident sales experts agrees. Robert Lesser recently laid out three adaptive sales strategies to respond to volatile business conditions. From evaluating demand to planning for uncertainty, these insightful recommendations will help you adapt and thrive. And maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll gain the ability to see (and avoid) opportunities that were dead all along.

A hairy situation

As a profession, sales is not for the faint of heart. When it comes to the ease with which you’re able to blow past rejection and close a deal, it helps if you have tenacity, grit, and drive. And, perhaps a beard. It turns out that for male salespeople, a bit of scruff can do wonders for building trust. A recent research study reported by the Wall Street Journal found that salesmen with beards were rated substantially higher for trustworthiness and expertise than their clean-shaven brethren. Not to leave out women, the study also found that “glamor” make-up can also affect trustworthiness – but in the opposite way. Unfortunately, the researchers didn’t look into the man-bun.


The Closer | TrustRadius Summer Best of Awards

Bringing the heat

This summer has been incredibly hot. Beyoncé made music history with her hot new single “Break My Soul,” and Europe is baking in a series of record-breaking heat waves. But besides music and weather, there’s something else that just got even hotter than usual: Groove. We brought the heat with our second round of TrustRadius “Best Feature Set” and “Best Relationship” awards this year in the Sales Engagement category. The TrustRadius Summer Best of Awards go beyond customer satisfaction ratings to recognize companies with products that best meet buyer requirements. Check out our blog for more details on the awards – it’s a real scorcher.

Salesforce adoption options

Salesforce is a lot like a gym membership. Its transformative power only works if you use it. Also, if you don’t keep it clean, nobody will want to go anywhere near it. But, let’s focus on the first part. You invest a lot in Salesforce. In essence, you’re paying for a Salesforce gym membership for every rep. They could be using Salesforce to get their opportunities pumped, but your reps find that it’s too much of a hassle to use (and maybe the data is a little smelly). So how do you get reps excited about working out with Salesforce on a regular basis? We’ve compiled 11 strategies for maximizing Salesforce adoption – all broken out across implementation, roll-out, and ongoing strategy. Your reps are about to get ripped.


The Closer | how to respond to four customer objections

Sales fright

Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and Chucky aren’t that scary when you realize they are just movie characters. But get halfway through the deal cycle and hear the buyer start to raise red flags, and you could be frozen with fear. Sales objections can be a seller’s worst nightmare. Especially if they aren’t prepared. Now, we aren’t doomsday planners, but we do think it’s better to prepare for the worst before it happens. Salesforce outlines how to respond to four customer objections that sink deals. Better read up in case your deal goes from a feel-good drama to a terrifying horror story.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

We’ve all heard the line, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but is that really true? When a dog is no longer a young pup, it may be harder to change their behavior, but it is achievable – especially when treats are involved. When it comes to human behavior, not much is different. Once someone is stuck in their ways, it can be hard to encourage change, but it’s definitely possible. For sales managers, effectively coaching a team often means helping form new habits and behaviors. This is no easy task, but luckily, the LinkedIn Sales Blog has a few pointers on how being a great role model can make behavioral change a walk in the park. Giving out treats isn’t listed, but we’re sure it wouldn’t hurt.

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