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Sound the sales talent alarm

The Closer | The Looming Sales Talent Crisis

Sound the sales talent alarm

Is the current shortage of B2B sales talent an existential threat to this noble professional? No. That’s a bit overdramatic – not to the level of a World Cup flopper, but an exaggeration all the same. Unfortunately, finding and retaining high-quality sales talent is becoming increasingly difficult, and that can severely limit the success of B2B revenue teams. Jared Davis, a Sr. Research Specialist in Gartner’s Sales Research Practice, offers up some hope in the form of three ways CSOs can find the best candidates for digital-first selling. Like Morocco beating Spain, it’s not always the most experienced team that will lead you to victory.

What’s the big idea(s)?

We’re more than one week into December, and you know that means? There’s a good chance you’ve already lost at Whamageddon. It also means that we’re well into the 2023 Predictions season. While this can be a difficult game for even the most expert prognosticator to win, it can be a valuable way to spot potential trends that may be completely off your radar. LinkedIn’s VP of Global Sales Solutions, Alyssa Merwin Henderson, recently offered up five “Big Ideas That Will Shape Sales in 2023.” From confronting “The Great Rationalization” to the rising importance of buyer intent, these big ideas seem like winners.

Point of no return

We’ve all been wearing sweatpants on Zoom calls long enough to know that when it comes to rigid return-to-office plans, we’ve reached the point of no return. In the early days of the pandemic, business leaders could be forgiven for rolling out RTO plans that looked a lot like how work was done pre-lockdown. This is not the world we live in today. Workers have tasted the flexibility of remote and hybrid work, and they won’t be giving it up without a fight. Anthea Stratigos, Co-Founder & CEO of Outsell, lays out several reasons why “return to office” is an irreparably damaged term that should be retired. When it comes to the office, flexibility is the only way to loosen the drawstrings of a sweatpant-clad workforce.


The Closer | Clari & Groove Partnership

Predict the future. Change the future.

We aren’t just talking about taking control of your 2023 Spotify Wrapped before you reach the top 0.01% of Taylor Swift listeners for the third year in a row. We are talking about getting the right systems, insights, and strategies in place to run revenue effectively in 2023. To help you get started, we got together with Clari for a lively webinar about how to identify and stop revenue leak, empower users to collaborate on revenue, and allow leaders to govern key revenue processes. The new year is coming up fast, and we predict success for those who see the future with Clari and create the future with Groove.


The Closer | 5 Keys to Closing Sales Before the End of the Year

Holiday blues

The holidays are upon us. The cozy weather, festive colors, spiked ciders, and a couple days off are a welcome way to end the year. However, let’s be real, selling can be challenging during the holidays. There are no Squishmallows Mystery Boxes or Nintendo Switch OLEDs in B2B sales (unless you work for Nintendo or Squishmallows). If you put “hitting your quota” on your Christmas list this year, you’re in luck. ValueSelling Associates wrote an article all about the five keys to closing deals before the end of the year. Now, they can’t magically help you close all of your deals without putting in the work, but these tips will help you get closer to that goal. May all of your holiday wishes come true with this article!

Cheap swag is out

If there is anything B2B buyers have too much of, it’s vendor swag. If every conference seems to make your “swag pile” grow bigger and bigger, we hear you. The $64 billion swag industry (yes, that’s “billion” with a “b”) took a halt in the pandemic, and some are pushing for it to not come back at all. How many branded water bottles and poorly working plastic pens does one really need? Elizabeth Segran at Fast Company shares her opinion on killing off cheap, disposable conference swag and instead opting for giving valuable, meaningful gifts, or a choice to donate to charity. Tight budget in 2023? Maybe it’s time to stop the disposable swag.

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