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If you’re never heard of “stratactical” before, there’s a reason. We made it up. While it may not be real, we do think it’s more useful than, say, “strategery.” This is especially true if you’re a B2B sales leader in the throes of 2023 planning. While the economy is anything but certain, sales leaders should resist the temptation to step on the brakes too firmly. Balancing essential strategic investments with “quick win” tactical ones is the best path forward is just one piece of advice in a recent blog post from Mike Pregler, VP and Research Director at Forrester. Mike didn’t use “stratactical” to describe the balance between strategic and tactical investments, but we’d like to think that he wished he had.

Never stop never stopping

In general, sales leaders shouldn’t turn to the musical mockumentary “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” for strategic advice. However, the movie title’s awkwardly phrased invocation is directionally correct when it comes to your sales tech stack. With a looming recession leading to increased scrutiny on technology solutions, it might be tempting to stop “never stopping” some of those investments. That would be a mistake (i.e.“non-correct” in Popstar parlance). Instead of making cuts, Gartner senior principal analyst Alyssa Cruz offers up seven ways to improve cost control in your sales tech stack. In the immortal words of rockstar analyst Alyssa Cruz “Don’t stop, just be more precise.”

Winning teams

“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.” That astute observation comes from famed Yankee manager Casey Stengel. Unfortunately, business leaders often struggle on both fronts. Once a leader has managed to recruit a-players, getting them to work as a team is the critical next step – a step that has become a lot more challenging in hybrid and remote work environments. The good news is that there are three key ways to increase collaboration, participation, and trust among remote teams. According to Inc. Magazine contributor Marcel Schwantes, these strategies can dramatically improve team participation and productivity. That sounds like a home run to us.



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California Dreamin’(force)

It’s hard to imagine anyone dreamin’ to be in California during its current record-breaking heatwave, but that’s all going to change in a couple of weeks. On Sept 20, Salesforce is bringing Dreamforce back to San Francisco in full-force. Whether you’re planning to join the 180K in-person attendees or the millions of other online participants, you’ll want to make a plan. There are over 1,000 different sessions with such notable speakers as Magic Johnson, Jane Goodall, and Al Gore. Yes, it’s a lot, but Salesforce Ben has got you covered with a plethora of helpful Dreamforce tips for both in-person and on-screen participation. And if you are going to be there in person, Groove would love to meet you. See you there.


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Don’t worry, sell happy

Sales people love to win. It’s what motivates them to put in the work required to operate at peak performance. When you think of a high-performing salesperson, you’re likely picturing someone who is confident, curious, and competent. But, what about happy? Kimberly Dieter, VP of Sales at LinkedIn, recently shared some insights from a highly successful career, and one of the most unexpected pieces of advice is how “happiness” has helped her up her sales game. Studies show that salespeople who do something that makes them happy right before a big meeting are more likely to close a deal than a rep using the time to prep for the 15th time. Check out a Q&A with Kimberly to learn how discovery, transparency, and happiness can boost your win-rate.

A time for renewal(s)

Customers are the greatest. Sure, they bring in revenue, and we all like that, but many also help identify new use cases, provide vital product feedback, and serve as influential sales references. Despite all of that, customers are taken for granted way too often. For many sales reps, the negative impact of the neglect isn’t noticed until the account is up for renewal. One of the best ways to avoid awkward conversations around an upsell, cross-sell or renewal is to demonstrate your commitment to the account long after the contract is signed. According to Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling, sales reps should embrace four strategies to jump-start renewal sales. They will thank you with more of that thing you like, revenue.

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