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The activity capture dilemma

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The activity capture dilemma

Your dentist knows you’re lying. Does anyone really floss their teeth twice a day every day? There are many things that are good for you in the long run but are also a real drag in the moment. For B2B sellers, one of those is activity capture. Sellers know that logging activities ultimately provides valuable insights for closing more deals. However, they also know that it takes away time from selling. Plus, do managers really need to know everything they’re doing? Therein lies the dilemma. Asking sellers to log their activities is a losing battle. And it’s also one that sales managers don’t need to fight. According to Forrester analyst Seth Marrs, automated activity capture is the future. Because, let’s be honest, sellers have no proclivity for tracking activities.

Don’t underestimate the power of the force

In times of great peril, you could count on Obi-Wan Kenobi for a singular piece of advice: use the Force. This week, we learned that many businesses took that advice to heart in the past quarter, if by “Force,” Obi-Wan meant “Salesforce.” This week, in the midst of a looming recession, Salesforce reported better than expected quarterly results and raised its profit forecast. While tons of other technology stocks are getting hammered, Salesforce’s shares jumped 10% on its earnings news. Instead of relying on Jedi mind tricks, Salesforce took a much simpler approach: create technology that is indispensable in any economic climate.

Mercurial measures

Weather forecasts have become inherently suspect, but that hasn’t dampened the pervasive use of weather apps. The fact is that even an imperfect forecast is better than no forecast at all. This is the position that all sales leaders find themselves in. While no sales forecast will ever be perfect, there are things you can do to reduce the margin of error. For example, what type of sales forecasting is best for your business: quantitative or qualitative? According to the LinkedIn Sales Blog, this is a trick question. Sales leaders should use both quantitative and qualitative methods of sales forecasting to increase confidence and accuracy. Don’t wait for a rainy day. Now is the perfect time to up your sales forecasting game.


The Closer | Groove Conversations and Groove+

A Batsuit for salespeople

Even heroes need a little help enhancing their physical abilities. Take Batman’s Batsuit, Iron Man’s armor, and Captain America’s shield. They would be strong without, but wouldn’t have the same success rate when fighting villains. Now, most of you may not be superheroes (if you are, “wow,” and can we have your autograph?), but you could also use a little bit of extra help to get you to the top. That’s why GZ Consulting is covering two new Groove products that maximize productivity everywhere sellers work: Groove Conversations and the Groove+ mobile app. They may not give you comic book superpowers, but they will give you that extra edge to beat your competitors.


The Closer | Forbes: New ABCs Of B2B Selling: Always Be Consulting


Usually, hearing “no” is a bad thing, unless it’s someone singing “No, no, no” by Destiny’s Child. Every other time, humans prefer a yes. And if you really don’t like to hear no’s, then maybe sales isn’t the best career choice. Sellers hear “no” every day from countless prospects, buyers, and clients. If you take each one to heart, you may reach your breaking point sooner rather than later. So how can you get better at handling objections? Crunchbase wrote an article all about how to overcome sales objections, filled with strategies, tips, and responses to make you resilient. It’s time to turn that “no” into a “yes.”

A seller’s safari

Spotting lions on a drive across the African savanna. Flying in a helicopter over Hawaiian volcanoes. Scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas. These are all times when being accompanied by a tour guide is probably a good idea. In today’s world, buyers are mostly self-sufficient as they make their way through their own sales funnel journey, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never need the expert guidance of a seller who knows every shortcut and backroad. The key here is to accompany your buyer and always be ready to consult as needed. This might be a tricky situation, but thankfully, Forbes has mapped out exactly how to navigate your B2B buyer all the way to a closed deal. Bon Voyage!

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