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10 Reasons B2B Sales Pros Can be Thankful This Holiday Season

The day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time for all those in B2B sales to take a food-coma induced break to reflect on all the things they can be thankful for this holiday season. While you will all have your unique reasons, here’s a few that we think are pretty universal in what has turned out to be a very unique and unusual year.

  1. Black Friday can be spent shopping instead of trying to close 25% of the year’s sales in one day

  2. Remote selling means there’s no chance of spending Thanksgiving at a crowded airport bar after getting bumped from a cancelled or overbooked flight

  3. You can wear sweatpants all week, eliminating the need to change to a more accommodating pair of pants for Thanksgiving dinner

  4. There’s hope that the highly coveted President’s Club trips might actually be back next summer

  5. Most major hotel and airline loyalty programs are extending status through 2021 and even beyond

  6. The lack of decadent holiday office parties and endless office treats means you won’t have to hit the gym so hard in January

  7. Zoom family reunions give you the power to mute your crazy uncle when he starts talking about his alien abduction experience

  8. Time saved in virtual meetings can be used to close more deals – or binge watch Ozark on Netflix

  9. Thousands of consumers aren’t trying break down your door at 5 a.m. to try and save $70 on a big screen TV or pick up that $5 waffle iron that will never get used

  10. Unlike Christmas or Hanukkah, Thanksgiving doesn’t put you in the stressful position of trying to close out a quarter and celebrate a major holiday all at the same time

Happy day-after Thanksgiving! We look forward to sharing stories with you again next Friday. We didn’t think you’d have room to digest them today.

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