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66% of sellers would rather clean the bathroom than update their CRM


66% of sellers would rather clean bathrooms than update their CRM

It’s no secret that salespeople hate data entry, but until now we’ve never known just how much they do. Thanks to a new study by Beagle Research Group and Oracle, we now know that sellers would rather clean bathrooms and go to the DMV than update their CRM. The study also provides insights into why salespeople have such a fraught relationship with their CRM, including working in too many systems, menial tasks not being automated, and the perils of faulty data.

Weathering a crisis

It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when Salesforce wasn’t generating $17 billion a year and headquartered out of the second tallest building west of the Mississippi. In fact, less than 20 years ago, Salesforce almost went out of business. Forget “No Software.” Salesforce was almost “No Cloud” as well. CNBC’s Power Players series captures a key lesson that CEO Marc Benioff learned from that dark time, and this is one of those rare instances where saying his response “may surprise you” might actually surprise you.


The Closer | Fast & Not So Furious 100


Fast & Not So Furious 100

Is it as impressive as racing a Lamborghini on a frozen bay in cold pursuit of a nuclear submarine firing torpedoes at you? Maybe not, but Groove making the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area is still pretty impressive. Plus, not only did Groove rank #16 out of 100, but this is our second year on the list. Has the Fast & Furious franchise ever done something twice? Okay, fine. You have us there.

Focus on what matters: building relationships

When you got into sales, you probably had no idea just how much time you’d spend every day sending emails and booking meetings. And it’s not just hitting “send.” Between finding info in your CRM to personalize messages, logging your activity, and scheduling demos across multiple calendars, your day can quickly be filled to the brim with time-consuming, menial tasks – unless, of course, you’re taking advantage of the many email and calendaring tools outlined in this post to help you automate away the drudgery and spend more time selling.


13 is a lucky number when it comes to email prospecting tips


13 is a lucky number when it comes to email prospecting tips

Prospecting into accounts is not for the faint of heart. When it comes to rejection, you need to handle it a lot better than I did at Junior Prom. However, with great risk, comes great reward, and there are a number of effective prospecting strategies you can employ to increase your number of “okay, sure, I’ll take a demo” and “why not, it doesn’t hurt to learn more” responses. Because 10 is apparently not enough, The RAIN Group has compiled a list of 13 prospecting tips that you should only use if you want to connect with more buyers.

AI has a few suggestions for how that call could have gone better

Road warriors have been parked for so long that familiar routines of entertaining prospects with lavish meals in far flung lands have become all but faded memories. Lively in-person meetings have turned into sterile Zoom meetings, where the most popular topic of conversation is whether someone is on mute. However, this shift to virtual meetings does have its benefits – like AI tools that can now listen in on every conversation – from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom. Wired Magazine looks at how companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to better coach their reps and close more deals.

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