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An accounting of accounts

The Closer | Gartner Not All Key Accounts Are Created Equal

An accounting of accounts

Say you have a cat and a dog. You love them both, but one certainly requires a lot more attention than the other.  The same is true for how sales teams look at key accounts. Lumping all of your key accounts into one monolithic group makes it difficult to know where to focus your energy. In sales, key accounts are often determined by the size of the company and opportunity. According to Robert Blaisdell, Sr. Director Analyst at Gartner, sales leaders should break down key accounts into four smaller categories. Back to our hypothetical scenario, your cat may be ignoring you, but your dog definitely needs a belly rub.

Neuroscience comes to sales

Selling isn’t rocket science. But what if it were? Well, not rocket science, but what if you could tap into neuroscience to gain insights for delivering effective sales presentations? If you think it would be interesting to use biometric feedback data to determine the impact of sales materials and approaches, then you should check out what Deloitte’s Neuroscience of Winning team found out about using biometrics to fine-tune sales presentations. Since it’s a little awkward to ask a prospect to wear eye-tracking glasses and galvanic skin response sensors, Deloitte conducted research via a controlled study. Regardless of the setting, however, it’s clear that science can provide insights that go beyond human perception.

Cloud, the judgment

We’ve all seen how emotions, social media feedback loops, or Jägermeister can cloud someone’s judgment. But what if we flip that around? What happens when you judge clouds? Before you skip to the next article, we should mention that we’re talking about Salesforce Sales Cloud. If your sales organization is like most, Salesforce serves as the foundation of your entire go-to-market function. Consequently, it’s not a bad idea to know what’s going on with Salesforce Sales Cloud, and whether you should expect to see a dark or fluffy white incarnation of it on the horizon. For that bit of info, look no further than the experts at SalesforceBen and their new article “The Current State & Future of Salesforce Sales Cloud.” Unlike the weather, this article is pretty straightforward.


The Closer | Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

The finals

Sometimes, the finals are exactly where you want to be. That’s how Groove feels about the 2023 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Groove is proud to be a finalist  for Customer Service Department of the Year and Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year. We’d be tempted to relax while we wait to find out if we won a gold, silver, or bronze during the official ceremony on March 3, but that’s not how you maintain a winning record for three years in a row. However, don’t let our dedication stop you from taking a moment to vote for Groove on the People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Customer Service. We won’t mind if you do.


The Closer | Tenbound Survey

Cast your vote

Voting is important (thank you!), but it’s not the only way to make your voice heard. Industry surveys are a great way to share knowledge that can be transformed into insights for both you and the sales community at large. If you agree, we encourage you to head over to Tenbound for a quick survey on the current state of Sales Engagement and its evolution to Revenue Engagement across the customer journey. Your participation will help sales leaders gain insights into sales engagement technology use across the customer lifecycle, revenue responsibility and measurements, opportunity and forecasting automation, and more. Make an impact on revenue research; complete the Tenbound survey today.

Proven productivity

Productivity hacks are all the rage. Time blocking. Pomodoro method. 40 Hz binaural beats. You name it, your employees have probably tried it. As a leader, inspiring your team to stay efficient and productive is part of your job, but it is also mostly out of your control. Increasing your team’s productivity is a multipronged approach. From diversifying to being more authentic and prioritizing well-being, Ashley Young, Sr. of Strategic Communications and Ops at Salesforce, has productivity figured out. It’s time to step away from the calendar and take on proven tactics to improve your team’s efficiency and productivity. Read on. Your team will thank you.

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