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Is 2021 here yet? Your revenue growth strategy wants to know


Is 2021 here yet? Your revenue growth strategy wants to know

Whether we like it or not, 2020 will soon be over. Many sane people would argue that it’s a good thing. If you’re in charge of growing revenue though, it also means that you need to be ready for what’s to come. We all have hope that 2021 will bring back some sense of normalcy, but hope is generally frowned upon as a sales or marketing strategy. Fortunately, the co-founder and chief analyst at TOPO has created a new framework to help you drive predictable, efficient revenue in what’s likely to be another atypical and unpredictable year.

Sales + Marketing = <3

When describing the typical relationship between B2B sales and marketing departments, most would likely choose adjectives like “dysfunctional” and “tepid” over “harmonious” and “rewarding.” That’s pretty unfortunate considering that a healthy alignment between sales and marketing can boost win rates and customer satisfaction by more than a third. So how do you bring these Mars and Venus departments together? It starts with understanding how to best help each other, and Entrepreneur Magazine has outlined four ways to do just that.


Deloitte pulls a fast 1 (+499)

Deloitte pulls a fast 1 (+499) - Groove - The Closer

For the past 26 years, Deloitte has been honoring the fastest-growing public and private technology companies in North America, and this year is no different. Okay, 2020 is A LOT different, but that didn’t stop Deloitte from publishing its 2020 Technology Fast 500 winners this past week. Do we bring this up because Groove came in at #191 nationwide and #38 in the SF Bay area with 461% growth? Yes. That’s exactly why.

Love is sending emails and scheduling meetings

Salespeople love closing deals and making money, but they don’t always feel the same way about sending emails and scheduling meetings. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around those two activities in sales – but there is a way to make them way more enjoyable (love might be a stretch). Some of the most satisfying tools offered by sales engagement platforms center around automating email and calendar tasks and surfacing insights when you need them. From identifying engaged prospects with email tracking links to eliminating the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings, this Groove blog post covers all of this and more.


B2B sales has changed for good

You probably read “changed for good” to mean B2B sales has changed permanently, and while that’s likely very true, it can also be argued that it’s changed for the better. Regardless of how you feel about the changes, sales and revenue organizations need to reevaluate everything – except the ultimate goal of making money. That’s still a healthy part of their raison d’êtreMight we suggest spending some time with four Gartner analysts as they discuss several transformational strategies for B2B sales organizations? We hope so, since that cat is already out of the bag.

Birth of a salesperson

the closer - birth of a salesperson - Groove

Is a good salesperson born or is she made? That’s a question best left to the great sales philosophers of our time, but the traits of a successful salesperson – now that’s a topic that we should all be exploring. What exactly do the top salespeople do that sets them apart? BuiltIn interviewed a bunch of salespeople to find out, and they provided lots of helpful recommendations that span everything from having a high emotional IQ to investing in more tangible sales processes.

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