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The Closer | Digital Sales Rooms: Hype Or Reality?


Discussions about DSR have hit a fever pitch. No, I’m not talking about Dysfunctional Sibling Rivalry, but if I were, I would do it so much better than my brother. Digital Sales Rooms have been around for a few years, but they are just now breaking out beyond the bounds of early adopters. That’s due in large part to all of the hype around their purported benefits – seamless buyer journeys, personalized experiences, actionable insights, etc. To make sense of it all, Forrester Principal Analyst Anne Slough breaks down the digital sales room hype vs. reality in her latest post. Yes, there is a lot of promise, but just like the rumors of my brother being better than me, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Mentee fresh ideas

Queen Elizabeth II was 96 when she died, and most would agree that it was high time to bring in someone a bit younger with fresh ideas. That didn’t happen with the recent coronation, but as a sales leader, you have the opportunity to tap into the power of youthful ideas through a process called reverse mentoring. It’s true that your 26-year-old BDR may not know much about sales forecasting, but they probably have a good handle on cultural shifts, technology trends, and employee expectations. Betsy Gregory-Hosler, a Senior Research Director at Gartner, provides sales leaders with a three-step plan for establishing a reverse mentoring program to uncover mentee-fresh ideas that might otherwise be overlooked.


The Closer | Gartner CSO Summit

Gartner Grooves

We can feel it too. The Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference starts next week, and the anticipation you’re experiencing is completely normal. As a Platinum Sponsor, Groove is excited as well, and we’re giving attendees several opportunities to connect with us to learn why. Your first opportunity is a Monday afternoon networking event involving McClarens and Martinis at Speed Vegas. Next up, attend Groove VP of Sales, Ben Budde’s, Tuesday session: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Large Scale Digital Transformation. And finally, don’t forget to stop by Groove booth #210 to get a live demo of the Groove Platform. Groove is all in on Gartner. Find out more here.

Summing up our praises

Do you know what’s better than one? Four. Four what, you may ask? Four TrustRadius Top Rated Awards, that’s what. And what’s better than four? Eight, because we won Four TrustRadius Top Rated Awards for Sales Engagement, Sales Acceleration, Sales Email Tracking, and Email Management for the second year in a row. If you find all of this math a bit confusing, we’re happy to sum it up – Groove rocks, and our customers love us. Thank you for all of the awesome reviews. Winning these awards would not be possible without each and every one of you. Learn more about our placement and the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards on our blog.


The Closer | How Sales Reps Can Adapt to the Hybrid Selling Environment

Jack of all channel trades

If you are a sales leader that is noticing your exceptional sales reps struggling to keep up with the changing B2B sales landscape, you are not alone. Sellers today need to excel at selling across many channels – research from McKinsey points to at least nine channels to be exact. All this cross-channel switching can be a lot for anyone to master. While one rep might be great on video, the other could be better suited for in-person events. Thankfully, these skills can be learned and improved. RAIN Group breaks down how sales reps can adapt to the current hybrid selling environment in a recent article. While you want your reps to be masters of selling, being a Jack of all channel trades will put your team in the big leagues.

Kisses for salespeople

KISS. No, we aren’t just talking about the candy or what might happen on your Friday night date. The “KISS” we are talking about is keep it simple, stupid. Sales strategy trends and methodologies can be unnecessarily complex and convoluted. At the end of the day, sales is about human-to-human connection and creating buyer confidence. If you want to build a great customer experience, you need to keep it simple. ValueSelling Associates says to forget the complex sales strategies and align your GTM team on a shared framework, language, and toolset to build a better customer experience. Keep the kissing for after work hours. Xoxo, Groove.

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