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The Closer | The Great Enablement Reinvention


If you’ve had your Kia or Hyundai stolen recently, you may have strong opinions about enablement – at least in the context of nefarious TikTok videos. However, in the world of B2B sales, enablement is all the rage. So much so that it is breaking outside the bounds of sales and into all revenue-generating functions. It’s even got a new name – revenue enablement. It turns out that coordinated messaging across the buyer journey matters. According to Gartner, buyers who receive consistent information from a vendor are 2.89 times more likely to complete a high-quality, low-regret deal. Don’t wait for the TikTok video – learn how to overcome obstacles to revenue enablement on the Gartner blog.


Coca-Cola is asking fans to use AI to design their next ad. A dating app lets your AI-trained avatar go on dates for you. Sales teams are using generative AI to source and close all of their deals. One of those scenarios isn’t true, and unfortunately for sales reps, it’s the last one. Generative AI holds a lot of promise for streamlining B2B sales, but before you plan your two-week vacation for the end of the quarter, you should know we’re still in the very early stages. According to Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, the impact generative AI is currently having on B2B sales doesn’t live up to the hype. On the plus side, think of all the extra time you have to sell while your AI-avatar is out on dates.

For the faint of heart

If you’re thinking about a new career, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies nurse practitioners and wind turbine service technicians as the fastest-growing jobs. If you get woozy at the sight of blood or views from high places, we’ve got some good news. LinkedIn recently reported that the fastest-growing job on its site is a lot less fear-inducing: revenue operations. That all sounds good, but much like a wind turbine technician role – do you really know what a RevOps job entails? It turns out that if you ask 10 people, you’ll get 7 – maybe 8 – different answers. If you’re confused, Stephen Diorio, Managing Director at The Revenue Enablement Institute, wrote the book on Revenue Operations. Literally. Head over to Forbes for a deep dive into the past, present, and future of  Revenue Operations.



The Closer | Groove Omnicell Case Study


Getting a group of people to be 100% anything is very difficult nowadays. Only 66% of American millennials agree the earth is round – the rest are “Flat Earthers” or are wildly confused. But, we do know that 100% of Omnicell’s field sellers have adopted Groove and boosted sales productivity by 50%. Don’t believe us? Check out our brand new Omnicell case study. In Onmicell’s first quarter with Groove, the number of activities logged in Salesforce exceeded the entire number logged up to that point in the company’s history, giving leadership 100% visibility into engagement. How certain are we of their success? 100%.


The Closer | Sales tips from The OfficeDunder Mifflin does sales

If only work was like The Office. Just kidding, you definitely wouldn’t want Michael Scott as your manager, or Dwight harassing you during important customer meetings. While Michael might not have great social skills or compassion for his employees, he does have some relatable sales experiences. If you want a fun break from sales news, check out the LinkedIn Sales Blog’s “20 Times Michael Scott Perfectly Described Being in Sales.” These GIFs will have you laughing and aching to watch The Office on your lunch break…Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sales email secrets

Want to hear a sales email secret from one of the top content marketers? “People don’t want better. They want different.” Stop mass-emailing all of your prospects with the same impersonal message. Devin Reed, Head of Content at Clari, explains that to break through the buyer’s crowded email inbox, your content needs to be insightful, relevant, and actionable. On The Sales Feed Show Podcast, Devin reveals his other top sales email insights to help skyrocket response rates. Don’t have time to listen to the whole pod? Check out this short video summary of Devin’s interview. Shhh. Make sure your headphones are on, you don’t want your competitors to hear these tips.

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