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Faster, higher, stronger sales

The Closer - Time To Track Sellers Like Athletes

Faster, higher, stronger sales

One could say that Michael Jordan sold a lot of shoes. But, in general, being an elite athlete doesn’t automatically make you a top-performing salesperson – especially of the B2B variety. There are a number of similarities between athletes and salespeople that go beyond an insatiable desire to win and a lofty bank balance. When you’re at the top of your game, data is your friend. That’s according to both the athlete-focused book “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” and sales expert and Forrester principal analyst Seth Marrs. If you want to learn how using technology to track top-performing sales reps can help reps break sales records, head on over to the Forrester blog. To borrow a phrase from Nike, “Just Do It.”

Hungry like the rep

We forgive Duran Duran for not using a more appropriate analogy for its hit song “Hungry Like the Wolf.” If Simon Le Bon knew anything about B2B sales, there’s no doubt he would have named his song “Hungry Like the Rep.” The hunger and drive to close deals is the secret to sales success, and it’s even more critical in uncertain economic times. As we head into the New Year, Gartner has some critical advice for sales leaders in its January 30 webinar, “Boost Seller Motivation, Hunger & Energy to Close More Deals.” It’s no ordinary world out there, so now is the time to turn motivation into the reflex that elevates reps before they come undone.

Trending Salesforce data

At press time, #AEWDynamite, #FoundThatLizard, and #TheChallenge38 were all trending on Twitter. We’re not sure what any of those things mean, but if Salesforce had bought Twitter, #data would be trending all the time. And not any data, but different kinds of Salesforce data. SalesforceBen doesn’t own Twitter, but they didn’t let that stop them from publishing “8 Salesforce Data Trends for 2023.” From new developments in unstructured data and first-party tracking to an increased focus on security and Salesforce Industry Clouds, SalesforceBen takes a look at all the Salesforce data trends you should be tracking. If you want to know why #BobBarker and #CaroleBaskin are trending, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


The Closer | Groove culture video

The Grooviest workplace

What makes Groove so Groovy? Surprise! It’s our unbeatable – and yes, Groovy, workplace culture. At Groove, our employees enjoy working together in a diverse and inclusive environment. We could try using a lot of fancy words to convince you why, but we think it’s a lot more effective to hear it straight from our employees (aka “Groovers). We recently invited a bunch of Groovers to Liberty Station in San Diego to talk about what makes Groove a special place to work for them. Check out their responses in a short video on our blog. The video is pretty Groovy, if we do say so ourselves.


The Closer | How Nick Cegelski Sells

President’s Club

What if we told you that you only need to put in 30 minutes of work to make it to President’s Club? Actually, that’s not possible. Despite the title of his #1 sales podcast, “30 Minutes to President’s Club,” founder Nick Cegelski knows it takes a lot more work than that. If you want to know Nick’s top sales advice like what motivates him at work, his preferred closing technique, his biggest failure in sales, and more, check out “How Nick Cegelski Sells” on the LinkedIn Sales Blog. His interview is chock full of fantastic sales tips. We recommend you take notes – it might help you get into the President’s Club.

Chief of Happiness

If “chief enthusiasm officer” and “chief heart officer” sound like the leaders of your local clown college, you’re not alone. Unironically, these titles are popping up more and more in real businesses, with normal C-suite roles replaced with their empathic synonyms. The pandemic created a major shift in work. Today’s remote and hybrid work models call for leadership to adjust to the changing demands of their workforce – and chief amazement officers are a key part of the new regime. Drew Limsky breaks down the empathic C-suite invasion and its pitfalls on Insider. The sad news? It can still be in the chief heart officer’s heart to fire you.

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