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Four the score


Four the score

You know how a goldfish only has a memory span of three seconds? Well, we were all misled for years – your goldfish can actually remember things for at least five months. Tech workers, on the other hand, have a pretty short focus relative to the long workday. A new poll by Blind shows that tech workers only do four hours of focused work a day. But before you sound the alarm, you should know that science says that our brains can only sustain about four hours of focused work a day. And that doesn’t mean checking emails or responding to Slack messages. Inc. Magazine makes the case that instead of scolding your workers for being lazy, you should be reducing notification burnout and celebrating workers carving out four hours for focused work every day. 

AI anxiety 

In many sci-fi films, AI is frequently portrayed as a highly advanced evil force that threatens humanity. In real life, the singularity isn’t happening any time soon. Nevertheless, the introduction of free AI tools like ChatGPT has sparked concerns among workers about the potential longevity of their careers. Even top sellers are worried that AI could push them off the leaderboard. Gartner analyst Doug Bushée argues that while embracing AI is crucial for staying ahead, the human touch remains irreplaceable in sales. So for now, keep calm and think of ChatGPT as your helpful little sales intern.

From 0 to 100, real quick

It seems like it was just yesterday when humans could only rely on, well, humans to get work done. If the article above tells us anything, it’s that AI has taken over the tech world at lightning speed, and it’s not going anywhere soon. But, with this increase of AI, there are also hundreds of new words and terminologies that most of us lay, non-robot-scientist humans might not know. Looking to brush up on key AI terms? We have just the right place for you to start. Salesforce (and AI) recently wrote up a “Generative AI Glossary for Business Leaders” to help you ramp up your knowledge of AI. Welcome to the new era of tech.



Golden Nuggets

In order to secure an NBA Championship, a team has to win 16 games in the playoffs alone. Congratulations to the Denver Nuggets, who accomplished just that and ended the season as NBA champions with the best record in the entire league. Turns out the Nuggets and Groove have some things in common, as we’re proud to report that Groove took home several wins in G2’s Summer 2023 Grid Reports. Groove has now ranked as #1 in enterprise customer satisfaction for 19 quarters in a row. We both struck gold. 


Buyers trust fall

We are all familiar with the trust fall. Sometimes you land perfectly cradled in someone’s comforting arms, but other times you fall flat on your back shattering trust with the person behind you. Just like on the school playground, as a buyer, you have to decide if you trust your seller enough to fall into their offering. It takes time for sellers to gain your trust and build rapport as an advisor. Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, explains the five benefits of building trust in sales and the steps on how to achieve them so your deal can fall into a comfortable close. 

Super Mario Sales

In the game, “Super Mario Bros,” Mario faces tough barriers every way he turns, from slippery bananas to unbeatable bosses. He might not get it right the first time, but in the end, he always overcomes the challenges. In sales, you need to be like Mario. J.C. McKissen, Thought Leader, Writer, and Editor at LinkedIn, discusses the four major barriers to success in sales and how to overcome them in his latest LinkedIn Sales Blog article. Watch out Bowser, high-performing sellers are coming for you. 

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