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FYI: The 411 on 2021 KPIs



FYI: The 411 on 2021 KPIs

No one truly knows what the future will hold, but TOPO Analysts have a pretty good idea about the revenue metrics you should be tracking in 2021 – and they go beyond the traditional fare of sales capacity and competitive win rates. Believe it or not, 2021 is less than three months away, and now is the time to make sure you’re set up to track the metrics that will move the needle. Watch the webinar: 2021 KPIs: The New Revenue Metrics to Optimize Sales Performance.

One day, you’ll reminisce about having to write sales emails

Deep down, we all know it’s a matter of time before the robots take over, but when it comes to writing sales and marketing emails, the future may be closer than you think. Wired Magazine looks at how a new text-generation technology called GPT-3 could one day crank out compelling emails with minimal input from you. After tackling the high prose of memes and fan fiction, GPT-3 has already been tested with website copy, and initial results don’t bode well for entry-level copywriters.


Sales engagement platforms have a new best imaginary friend

Sales engagement platforms have a new best imaginary friend

You can think of a sales engagement platform as an Iron Man suit that gives your revenue teams their own all-knowing Jarvis for responding to prospects, scheduling meetings, and logging activities. But even Tony Stark needs some downtime. If only Jarvis could act independently to follow up on simple requests so your sales avengers could focus on more high value engagements. According to SalesTechStar, that’s exactly what Intelligent Virtual Assistants were built to do.

Salesforce State of Sales takeaways for people short on time

The 2020 edition of Salesforce’s State of Sales Report has a lot of compelling information and statistics that you will eventually get around to reading. You know that staying on top of the industry is important, but you’re also slammed right now. We get it. That’s why we’ve summarized three key takeaways in a concise but insightful post on Groove’s blog. It’s the perfect State of Sales amuse-bouche for the time-starved sales professional.


Groove - The Closer | Drop everything and master these five sales skills

Drop everything and master these five sales skills

Salesforce knows a thing or two about sales. Look carefully, and you’ll even see the word “sales” right in their name. So when the leading CRM provider says there are five sales skills every rep needs to master, it’s probably worth checking them out. Revealing the five skills here would be counterproductive to getting you to click, but one of them is either making sourdough or data fluency. Read this Salesforce post to see if you guessed right!

Value-based selling vs. ROI selling

Even if you were quick to realize that value-based selling and ROI selling are the same thing, you should still check out this Crunchbase article on why this valuable selling model is more important than ever and how you can be successful at it. A value-based selling approach can help you break through with buyers who have an even tighter hold on the purse strings thanks to COVID-19. Plus, closing more deals during the pandemic will help make time go by just a little bit faster.

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