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Is your revenue tech stack working out?

The Closer | Is Your Revenue Tech Strategy Beach-Ready?

Is your revenue tech stack working out?

Barbie might come off as a bit plastic, but her hard, shiny exterior means she never has to worry about hitting the gym before beach season. Unfortunately, your revenue tech stack is likely not in the same situation. While Barbie isn’t able to open her mouth, many revenue teams have demonstrated a gluttonous appetite for technology to support their goals. And now the mirror is being less than kind. According to Anthony McPartlin, principal analyst at Forrester, you need to “strengthen your tech management capabilities to deliver greater business value in tougher economic conditions.” Once your revenue tech strategy is beach-ready, you can cruise on over to Malibu in your pink convertible.

Growing like crazy

Thanks in large part to K-pop, the Korean music industry grew by a staggering 31.7% in 2022. To borrow a phrase from BTS solo artist Jimin, that kind of growth is “Like Crazy.” We’re talking sales-engagement-automation-growth-crazy. It’s true. While it has way fewer pop-hooks, sales engagement grew at nearly the same pace – 27.6% in 2022 – making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the $17.1 billion CRM sales software. And with nearly a billion in revenue in 2022 alone, the one year haul for the sales engagement market is more than 6X the entire net worth of BTS. To learn why sales engagement is growing K-pop-fast, check out Gartner’s newly pressed 2023 “Market Guide for Sales Engagement Applications.” Fans of BTS and sales engagement might call the report dynamite.

That’s what I like

Three years ago, the world changed. Pepsi rocked the world with its new slogan, “That’s what I like.” Also, Covid ushered in a new era of remote work. Fast-forward to today, and working from home is here to stay – the Pepsi logo, not so much. When you ask office workers about this new reality, most will echo Pepsi’s new slogan, but with authentic enthusiasm. Several high-profile companies are angling to get their workers back in the office, but the share of remote job openings is 3X higher than they’ve ever been. This seismic shift in how work gets done has had huge ripple effects. If you are interested in learning about how the last three years of remote work have changed the economy forever, head on over to Insider.com to read their latest exposé. Best part? You can read it from the comfort of your bedroom home office.


The Closer | Groove Plays

Stop playing, it’s time for action

Do you invest precious time into sales training and SKOs and still see your sellers still not following the playbook? Well, you’re not alone, and most sales tech isn’t helping. According to Gartner research, 49% of sales leaders do not feel highly confident that their tech stack aligns to sales objectives. We are here to change that with an innovative new capability launching this summer. With Groove Plays, Groove is delivering on our vision for connected sales execution – where teams, strategy, and technology all come together in one actionable platform. Stop playing around. Make your strategy actionable using Groove Plays.


The Closer | Rejection is Part of Sales.

No country for sales men

A budding actor trying to make it big in Hollywood must understand that rejection is part of the game. If they back out after the first “no,” they risk losing out on their dreams of making it on the big screen. Sales is a lot like that too. But even if it’s part of the job you signed up for, rejection is still hard to handle sometimes. Luckily, LinkedIn Sales Solutions thought leader J.C. McKissen has a bulletproof four-step plan to get through sales rejection. From knowing your strengths to embracing rejection as an opportunity to get better, this blog will help you get your confidence back after a big “no.” Don’t wait, the whale could be just around the corner.

Productive time sinks?

Although productivity hacks and tech can make your team more productive, sales leaders are often too quick to deploy these tools instead of relying on the sellers to manage their own productivity. As a leader, inspiring your team to stay efficient and productive is part of your job, but it is also mostly out of your control. RAIN Group makes the case that real productivity doesn’t lie in new technology or even top-down management, but in your seller’s hands. It’s time to loosen the drawstrings and let the sellers work. A little trust goes a long way. Your team will thank you.

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