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Painkillers vs. vitamins

The Closer - Painkillers vs. vitamins

Painkillers vs. vitamins

Gummi Vites are delicious. However, if you sprain your ankle, you’re more likely to reach for Tylenol than vitamins masquerading as candy. The same is true for B2B buyers whose businesses are hurting from an economic downturn. If your B2B sales team wants to get their attention, you need to focus on how you can help alleviate their pain. The business health-inducing properties of your product can be saved for the economic downturn turnaround. That’s just one piece of advice from the recent Harvard Business Review article, “Setting Your B2B Sales Strategy in a Downturn.” Now just imagine the impact if you figure out how to package up your product’s painkiller properties in a shiny, candy shell.

Honest CRM

It seems like ChatGPT can do it all – from fixing software code to writing term papers. And that’s the problem. When ground-breaking technology gets introduced to society, it doesn’t take long for unscrupulous individuals to figure out how to use it in unprincipled ways. Of course, figuring out every potential use of a product that could negatively affect the common good would be a big job. We know that because Salesforce has an entire team dedicated to it. Salesforce established its Office of Ethical and Humane Use back in 2018, and you can read all about how Salesforce aims to be “Ethical by Design” on its blog. Sure, Salesforce is still focused on world domination – but only where CRM market share is concerned.

How about ‘no’?

You would think that “no” would be the last word a salesperson wants to hear, but it all depends on context. It’s a delightful answer to questions like “do you see any reasons why we shouldn’t move forward?” It’s also a welcome response to “did I catch you at a bad time?” Of course, no seasoned sales pro would ever use that close-ended question, but you get the point. However, “no” can also be a powerful response from a salesperson. When you’re “hunting for yes,” it’s easy to uncover a “no.” However, starting with a “no” can be a powerful way to get to “yes.”  If you’re scratching your head right now, Forbes explains it all in the article “Want to Get to Yes in a Sales Meeting? Start with No.” On the other hand, no, maybe you shouldn’t.


The Closer | 2023 Built In Best Places to Work

A shining start to the New Year

2023 just started and the fun has already begun. This week, Groove was named to Built In’s 2023 Best Places to Work lists for San Diego Best Places to Work, San Diego Best Midsize Places to Work, and Seattle Best Midsize Places to Work. These awards honor companies with outstanding cultures across the United States, weighing criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, benefits, programs for DEI, and other people-first cultural offerings. We couldn’t be more excited to start off the New Year with such an accomplishment. Learn more about Groove’s win on our Built In Best Places to Work Awards blog post. When new Groovers join, it’s like the rewards are built in.


The Closer | 5 Ways To Use Subconscious Programming To Increase Sales And Mitigate B2B Sales Burnout

Sales resolutions

If you have been to the gym in 2023, you have probably noticed the flood of newcomers, eager to start their New Year’s resolutions for better health. But just as quickly as they appear, they disappear. Why? Because whether you are a longtime gym rat, or a wide-eyed newbie, sticking to any new habit is hard. The same goes for sales. But, before you give up on setting some challenging sales goals this year, remember this: successful people stick to their goals. To help you make yours, the LinkedIn sales blog interviewed top sales professionals and put together seven New Year’s resolutions that will lead you to sales success in 2023. So what are you waiting for? Your deals aren’t going to close themselves.

Visualize the win

Burnout is real. If your team is feeling burned out, we have a new, meditative, approach to share with you. Oscar Chavez, Founder of Growthly Group and Chairman of The Boardroom, promotes five ways to use subconscious programming to mitigate B2B sales burnout. While others might call his method visualization, affirmation, or manifestation, Chavez calls it the “BAHO method,” which stands for beliefs, actions, habits, and outcomes. If your seller believes they can only close a $100,000 deal, they won’t shoot any higher. This is your sign to become a BAHO leader and change your sellers’ limiting beliefs.

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