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Sales Engagement Walks Into a Bank


Sales engagement walks Into a bank

Financial advisors are salespeople too. So are relationship managers, mortgage brokers, and investment bankers. All of these financial sales roles (and many more) manage a book of business, sell into accounts, and service clients, but they do so in their own language of assets, liabilities, and life events. Being the ever-accommodating folks they are, Salesforce created an industry cloud just for them. This is not news. What is news is the first sales engagement platform built to seamlessly leverage these industry customizations – Groove for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

The office is dead. Long live the office!

“You know what they say. Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice … strike three.” Wiser words may have never been spoken by Dunder-Mifflin top salesman Michael Scott, but this article is not about that “The Office.” After a nine-month forced experiment in remote working, many experts are contemplating the fate of the 9-to-5 office. Most are pretty sure the office as we know it is over – but in death comes rebirth. Salesforce takes a look into how the office might change and what managers and employees might face once we’re on the other side of the pandemic.


The remotest ideas for managing a sale team

The CLoser - Groove - The remotest ideas for managing a sale team

Relying on water cooler conversations for valuable insights about the performance of your sales team was never a good idea – and not because no one ever cleans out the moldy spigot. Regardless of the dubious nature of that intel, sales leaders have been deprived of all in-person feedback on team performance. So how do you manage an all-remote sales team effectively? We have some compelling remote management ideas (five to be exact) that we believe would be solid candidates for discussing around the water cooler. Since that’s out of the question, we put them on our blog instead.

Data entry is an awesome job

Most sales reps would rather cold call a prospect list sent to them randomly from BestSalesList@Заполните.ru.con than input their sales activity into Salesforce. That being said, data entry really is an awesome job…for a sales engagement platform. And eliminating the tedious task of logging emails, calls, and meetings to Salesforce is just the beginning. Check out Groove’s latest blog post to learn about all the other cool automation tricks that sales engagement platforms can do, like importing new leads and advancing Salesforce stages.


Removing tartar from your sales strategy

The Closer - Removing tartar from your sales strategy - Groove

If you’re searching for ways to scale your sales strategy, typing “scaling” into Google will give you all sorts of articles about the technique dentists use to remove plaque. While that might be interesting to a very small and incredibly unique cohort of sales leaders, it’s certainly not helpful for growing a sales team. Despite having a brand name that could double as a denture retailer, Crunchbase has some expertise in scaling sales teams, and they’ve outlined five steps for doing just that.

I’ll know sales enablement when I see it

Ask five different people what sales enablement is, and you’ll get five different answers. That’s even true if you ask people who think they know what it is – but their answers won’t be as entertaining as those who have no idea. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the sales engagement function has evolved significantly in recent years. If you’re interested in learning what sales engagement means today, who should be responsible for it, and critical factors for its success, TOPO has the perfect article for you.

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