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Salesforce asks motley crew of sales leaders for their top 2021 advice

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Salesforce asks motley crew of sales leaders for their top 2021 advice

Metallica and Green Day have both graced rocked the Dreamforce stage in the past, so it wouldn’t be a leap to hear Salesforce announce an event with the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band™. That hasn’t happened yet, but Salesforce did ask a motley crew of sales leaders for their top advice for 2021. It’s an unworthy consolation prize for metalheads, but the insights offered by sales leaders at Salesforce, Staples, Mitsubishi, Groupon and others are more rewarding than anything offered by Dr. Feelgood. What gems will you learn about using data, empathy, and channels more effectively? This Salesforce article will get you headbanging to strong sales in 2021. Rock on.

And the CNN Business CEO of 2020 is…

Ask people about 2020, and most wouldn’t be eager to repeat it anytime soon. It’s been a challenging year for individuals and businesses alike, but there have been a number of companies that have managed through the impact of the pandemic with great success. CNN evaluated the CEOs of such notable 2020 companies as Zoom and Pfizer, and landed on Marc Benioff as the Business CEO of 2020. It’s true that Marc led Salesforce to record revenue growth last year, but he also leveraged the company’s substantial resources to help combat the corona virus by securing PPE for front-line workers and facilitating contact tracing. After reading the CNN interview with Marc, we think you’ll agree they made the right call.


Do you choose the sales engagement platform with the new kitchen or large backyard?

Groove | The Closer | Do you choose the sales engagement platform with the new kitchen or large backyard?

Buying enterprise software is a lot like an episode of House Hunters International. Do you go with the tiny house on the beach, or the palatial mansion on the outskirts of town. Technology buyers are constantly deciding between feature set, usability, and customer support, because rarely does one platform deliver on all three…until now! TrustRadius just debuted a “Best Of” award series that recognizes the highest-rated sales engagement platforms for these attributes, and you’ll be pleased to know that one platform swept all three. Groove. We’re talking about Groove.

Googling “how to manage large teams effectively” worked for Chris Rothstein

If you’re working on an important project or making a critical decision, relying on Google to solve your problems isn’t usually the best strategy. However, for Groove CEO Chris Rothstein, Google played a key role in developing successful strategies for managing large teams. However, we should clarify that “Google” in this scenario involves five years of experience working at the internet search giant managing large sales teams. You could use Yahoo to search for Chris’ interview with Authority Magazine for its “5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Manage a Team” series, but we just gave you the link and no one uses Yahoo anymore.


When prospects don’t see your outbound as out of bounds

Groove | The Closer | When prospects don’t see your outbound as out of bounds

Cold calling. Only the hardiest of individuals are able to tackle this critical sales activity without a shiver. Cold emailing is a little less terrifying, but lackluster reply rates can have a chilling effect of their own. The good news is that properly warming up your prospecting engine can be like casting a cozy blanket on both you and your future customer. How do you create more hot opportunities with cold outreach? Crunchbase has laid out five “secrets” to heat up your sales development efforts in 2021. Normally, we don’t advocate sharing secrets so indiscreetly, but we’ve made an exception for our valued readers. And also because it’s on their website.

How to set up Salesforce successfully

Setting up a successful Salesforce sales process is more than beautiful alliteration – it’s the technical structure of your entire sales efforts. If you have any level of uncertainty about Salesforce’s object architecture, setting up lead stages, or establishing an activity-tracking process, be sure to check out the detailed Salesforce sales process guide on Groove’s blog. No one in the history of humanity has ever regretted taking the time to get their Salesforce instance set up properly to support their sales effort. Proper preparation pays perennial profits.

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