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Salesforce picks up the Slack


Salesforce picks up the Slack

$27.7 billion is a sum that even Elon Musk would likely hesitate before spending (maybe), but that’s exactly how much Salesforce shelled out for Slack. If you are an early Slack investor, you’re likely researching private islands and not reading this newsletter. For the rest of us, why exactly did Salesforce pay such a high premium for a business collaboration platform? And how scared should Microsoft Teams be? Bloomberg Technology TV anchor Emily Chang explores all of this and more in an interview with Groove’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Rothstein.

Zoom-weary office workers are phoning it in

Nine months into the pandemic, and the shine on the newly ubiquitous Zoom call has begun to fade. So what new-fangled technology is challenging Zoom’s dominance? Holograms? Telepathic brain implants? As it turns out, there is an existing and well-proven technology for connecting people without the many exhausting and embarrassing hang-ups of visual communication – the telephone. It’s true and it’s making a comeback. This century-old technology has even caught the ear of call-adverse millennials, and the Wall Street Journal found out why.


Accountability in the age of corona

Accountability in the age of corona 

“Always Be Closing” is the mantra of every salesperson, but sales leaders need to understand how much is closing, who is closing it, and when it’s expected to come in to be effective at their jobs. Holding sales teams accountable to reaching their goals can be a challenge, but it has become a lot harder during the pandemic with teams working fully remote. Fortunately, sales engagement platforms like Groove have advanced activity capture so you can trust your Salesforce data and rely on accurate reporting.

Leave your message after the tone

Breaking into accounts via cold calls is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more meetings you will generate. That’s why wasting precious time leaving the same voicemail over and over can dramatically limit your outcomes. According to Ringlead, sales reps spend 15% of their time leaving voicemails. (Your commission just called, and it wants that time back.) Learn how voicemail drop functionality in dialers can help you book more meetings with less effort.


The 411 for CSOs

The 411 for CSOs

As we head into 2021, there are a few things that every Chief Sales Officer should be thinking about. When it comes to virtual selling in today’s buying environment, what’s been working and what hasn’t? What’s the right number and allocation of reps to meet sales objectives in the new normal? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you plan a killer sales kick-off in a fully virtual environment? Fortunately, Gartner has covered all of this in their Q4 issue of Chief Sales Officer. (Pro Tip: You don’t have to be a CSO to download this free resource, but an email helps.)

Paint the picture, close the deal

If someone tells you they could sell ice to an eskimo, there’s a good chance they don’t have the buyer’s best interests at heart, and they might also be a little bit racist. Effective sales teams first find prospects who can benefit from their product and then find a way to communicate how the buyer could benefit from it in relatable and tangible ways. One could argue that there are six ways to communicate the impact of your product in the sales process, and one already did: the president of the RAIN Group sales consultancy.

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