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Vegan sales metrics

The Closer | Gartner - When Analytics Don’t Stand Alone

Vegan sales metrics

Sales metrics feed on a diet of rep activity and sales performance data. Since no animals are harmed in its collection, the information can be considered vegan – no matter how meaty you might think the data is. But why are we talking about veganism? The Gartner blog recently associated an article on sales metrics with a classic data blunder involving post-WWII Norway, vegan diets, and heart attacks. In the post, Gartner senior research principal Kelly Fischbein points out the danger of drawing the wrong conclusions from the glut of sales data typically available to sales leaders. If this hook made you hungry for more details, check out the article to learn how nuanced metrics like sales velocity can often tell a more accurate story of sales performance.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for P-L-G

Aretha Franklin became an international superstar not because of support from a whiz-bang sales apparatus of super slick marketing. No, Aretha is an unconventional example of product-led growth. Aretha put out her music, and the public responded. That doesn’t mean that B2B sales organizations should start doing away with their sales teams (even Aretha eventually relied on a good A&R rep). Instead, revenue organizations should look at integrating it into their B2B sales efforts. If that sounds daunting, Forrester VP and Research Director, Lisa Singer, offers up seven steps to add a PLG strategy to your B2B sales motion. When you show some respect for PLG, you’ll soon be on your way to rock steady sales.


The Closer | Groove Outcomes

Meaty sales metrics

There are many different choice cuts of sales metrics, but some of the juiciest refer to the performance of your sales flows, cadences, or sequences. Like Ambassador Steak and New York Strip, these three terms all refer to the same thing: multi-step, multi-channel sales campaigns that reps use to engage with prospects. It’s imperative for sales leaders to understand if these prescribed sales flows are working or not – and which reps are being most successful with them. If you’re not regularly looking at the performance of your sales flows, or don’t know which ones to track, learn all about the top three sales flow metrics for boosting sales performance on the Groove blog – because a well done sales flow shouldn’t be rare.

Workplace rules

Back in the old days, when employees went into the office, they had to abide by a number of rules. In addition to not stealing stuff and locking the door on the way out, there were also unspoken rules, like don’t put fish in the microwave, or eat someone else’s lunch (fish or otherwise). Since Groove is a fully remote company with employees around the globe, we don’t need to talk about rules in that sense of the word. Instead, we are excited to share why our workplace rules – but where “rules”is a verb and not a noun. Last week, Inc. magazine named Groove to the Inc. Best Workplace list for the fourth year in a row. How does it feel to be recognized for our outstanding company culture? It totally rules.


The Closer | Selling to an Executive? Follow These 10 Steps to Win their Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means…to an executive

Aretha Franklin, again?? You know it. If anyone deserves a second article, it’s the Queen of Soul. You’ve probably sung along to Respect many times, but you may have overlooked the hidden words of wisdom in the lyrics. Franklin sings “I’m about to give you all of my money” in exchange for profits and respect. What a reasonable request, right? Seems the same could be applied to sellers trying to pitch and sell to an executive. To Aretha Franklin’s point, winning an executive’s respect is vital for sellers when trying to close a deal. LinkedIn’s Sales Blog breaks down 10 key steps to winning an executive’s respect – increasing your odds of closing deals. Now, take these steps and run with them, and as Franklin says, “Have a little respect!”

Flip phones, Instagram, and ChatGPT

Who here had a Motorola Razor flip phone back in the day? Or better yet, the first Apple computer that looked like a beige box? Or, remember when Instagram launched and everyone posted pictures of their half-eaten lunches, because what else would you post on such an odd app? Well, that was then and this is now. The evolution of technology and how people use it has escalated ten fold. People now have access to omniscient virtual assistants just through typing – meet ChatGPT™. As an AI generator, it automates time-consuming tasks and gives people, especially sellers, time back to focus on higher-value activities. Vidyard breaks down how sellers can effectively use ChatGPT prompts to refocus their time back on higher-value activities. What seller doesn’t love a personal assistant, getting time back to close deals, and sharing pictures of half-eaten food?

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