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Whatcha Thinkin’ ‘Bout Salesforce?


Whatcha Thinkin’ ‘Bout Salesforce?

Even if you’ve been a little slack about keeping up with industry news, it’s highly unlikely that you avoided hearing about Salesforce’s recent $27.7B acquisition. That’s certainly huge news, but what else is the world’s leading CRM thinking about? If only we could bend the ear of Salesforce’s new CRO Garvin Patterson. If we did, we’d learn how he helped sellers spend more time selling, why Salesforce is investing in industry clouds, and how Slack could transform the sales process. I’m pretty confident about these topics, especially since Diginomica shared transcripts from Patterson’s recent talk at the UBS Global TMT Conference.

Who had Zoom nannies on their COVID Bingo card?

Did you hear the one about the marketer who hired a nanny to watch her work so she’d be more productive? Yes, that could easily be the set-up for a labored Dilbert cartoon, except that it’s true. It turns out there is a market for paying strangers to watch you work over Zoom with the hope you’ll be more focused and get more done. COVID has changed so many aspects of how we work, but I don’t think anyone had Zoom nannies on the list. You obviously have lots of questions about why this is happening, how it’s happening, and who it’s happening to, and you can thank Wired for providing some answers.


Much ado about G2

Groove Newsletter - The closer - Much ado about G2

It seems like G2’s Sales Tech Grid reports come out every quarter, and there’s a good reason for that. We’re not going to divulge that particular spoiler, but we are happy to share who has been crowned (again) the top-rated sales engagement platform in G2’s Winter 2021 reports. And now the big reveal… It’s Groove. But if you’re looking for the momentum leader for email tracking, outbound call tracking, account data management, and sales intelligence, then you’re going to want to look at, well, it’s Groove again. That’s all we’ll say on the matter here, but you can read a lot more about it and delve into the details on our blog.

Why you should be an Account Team player (in Salesforce)

Salesforce. That alluring compound noun can conjure a multitude of thoughts, but sometimes that’s the problem with gaining a good understanding of a solution with so many bells and whistles. To really master a powerful CRM like Salesforce, it’s helpful to focus on core elements – like Account Teams. Does anyone really know the best way to set them up to ensure that sales and account reps are aligned on the transition from prospect to happy customer? Probably lots of people do, but if you’d like some pointers about using Account Teams in Salesforce effectively, you can find some on our blog.


Collaborate or (your deal will) die

Groove newsletter - the closer - Much ado about G2

If someone made a movie trailer about virtual selling, it would probably go something like this: “In a world where every sales deal takes place in a cold Zoom-powered, digital reality, there exists an elite team of super salespeople who dominate the realm using their innate powers of… collaboration.” Okay, we’re not sure if that movie would be a Hollywood blockbuster (especially since Brad Pitt turned us down when offered the lead role), but equipping your sales team with the training and tools to collaborate effectively in a virtual environment is certainly worthwhile, and highly advocated by the Rain Group sales consultancy.

But what about sales operations?

With all the focus on how the pandemic is impacting sales and account reps on the front lines, you might be wondering if anyone has stopped to ask how Sales Operations is doing. Whether you were wondering or not, Gartner went ahead and asked them anyway in their State of Sales Operations Report. We’re glad they did, because now we know that sales leaders expect data and analytics skills to grow in increasing importance, and that less than half of them have confidence in forecasting accuracy. If you didn’t know Sales Ops could be so interesting, you should check out the other findings in the free report.

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