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When one gen-AI door closes, another one opens


When one gen-AI door closes, another one opens

Generative AI, or gen AI, has gained rapid popularity since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. Since then, it has attracted over 100 million users, but how is it entering business operations? The RevOps experts at Forrester have observed four ways through that businesses can expect gen AI to enter their operations: bottom-up, top-down, outside-in, and inside-out. The bottom-up approach comes from employees using gen AI in the workplace (yes, it’s already happening). The outside-in approach comes from customers’ changing expectations around AI offerings, while the inside-out approach comes from identifying AI-driven opportunities to create value and enhance customer experiences. Learn more about how AI could (and is) affect your operations today.

Why RevOps?

Improved revenue growth, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability. These benefits alone should prove the value of establishing and growing a revenue operations culture and organization to anyone curious about why revenue operations is so hot right now. And revenue leaders agree. Forrester interviewed leaders across marketing, sales, and revenue operations to understand why revenue operations has dramatically grown over the past few years. The results fell into the three aforementioned buckets that would make any executive’s mouth water. Who doesn’t want more money, after all?

Stop and smell the roses

These days, it seems like all professionals are running on caffeine and deadlines – especially during the busy summer months. Between balancing projects, sitting through hours of meetings, and trying to get some vitamin D, employees have no time to bond with each other. According to Harvard Business Review, finding time to slow down and connect with your colleagues even when you are busy reduces burnout. A hint of more intention pays big dividends when it comes to fostering connection and a greater sense of purpose in the workforce. Looks like it’s time to stop and smell the roses…with your colleagues, of course. 



Maximizing summer and efficiency

It’s summertime, and you know what that means – good weather and longer days! Whether you have a fun trip coming up or are relaxing at home, efficiency is something every professional prioritizes during this time of year. Who doesn’t want to be outside when it’s 80 degrees and sunny? Unfortunately, there can be roadblocks to achieving this bliss. Luxury hotel brand, Auberge Resorts Collection, struggled with visibility into its Group Sales activities. Determined to find a solution that would fit seamlessly into their reps’ workflows, they came across Groove. With Groove, Auberge Resorts Collection gained 100% visibility and saved multiple hours weekly in productivity gains. That means more time for fun in the sun!



Easy as A, B, C

When it comes to multiple choice, you might instantly think back to those long drawn-out exams with options A, B, C, D – and sometimes even E, F, and G. It’s no accident that test takers are presented with several options that sound like they could be the correct answer, and it turns out it is a pretty successful strategy when it comes to sales objection handling, too. Multiple choice offers a variety of options that has the power to deviate your line of thinking from your original thought. Robert Knop, Sales coach and CEO of Assist You Today, explains why he always presents buyers with multiple options within a proposal by using the power of choice to guide the conversation away from a dead end. 

Celebrate good sales! 

Hey Alexa, play “Celebrate!” by Kool and the Gang. Whether it’s graduation, a birthday, a new job, or any milestone, humans love to celebrate with each other. While celebrations are common in our personal lives, we don’t normally incorporate them into our business achievements. Bill Bartlett’s article on The Sandler Sales Blog describes the importance of celebration rituals in a corporate setting that helps boost morale at the individual and team levels. So sales leader, next time your team hits an important goal or someone crushes their target, take the time to celebrate them like it’s 1999. 

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