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Work harder at charters

The Closer - Work harder at Charters


Work harder at charters

“Charters.” Ah yes, the air travel method of choice for Kardashians, Fortune 100 executives, and other well-healed individuals. While renting a luxury jet might be out of your reach, you are most certainly in a good position to embrace a charter for your sales enablement strategy. According to Gartner sales enablement analyst Jennifer Bullock, sales enablement initiatives are failing to take off or gain altitude because their pre-flight checklist didn’t include developing a charter. If you want your sales engagement strategy to be first-class, you should get onboard with charters.

The commute refuses to die

When office workers the world over were forced to work out of their homes, the one silver lining we all clung to was being able to eliminate our daily commute. More than nine months into this great remote working social experiment, it turns out people have begun to miss the commute. In fact, some miss it so much, they’ve introduced fake commutes into their daily routines. Whether you’re content with a commute from your bedroom to the living room or feel the need to walk around the block, the Wall Street Journal looks at a phenomenon that I don’t think any of us could have ever predicted.


Shhhhh….. Something brand new is coming

image2.jpgNot everyone likes surprises. We get that. However, we think you’ll like the one we’ve been working on diligently for the past few months. So what is the exciting news that Groove has to share next week? Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you. We can tell you it’s something brand new, and that we’re pretty excited to share it with all of you. The good news is that you won’t have to wait very long. We’ll be sharing the big reveal on our website next week – so be sure to come back and visit. Just don’t tell Gary, he REALLY hates surprises.

Getting your reps in

Finding and hiring the right sales people can take a lot of hard work and muscle. However, the hiring process is just the beginning. For the process to work out successfully, you need to focus on the next critical phase: getting your reps in. Exercise puns aside, your sales rep onboarding plan can either set your new revenue generators up for success or failure. Of those two choices, we think “success” is the better path. To that end, you’ll find a detailed plan with some detailed onboarding frameworks and tips for accelerating the onboarding process on our blog. By investing in onboarding your reps correctly, you’ll spend less time on the hiring treadmill.


5 or more times is okay


If you’re feeling guilty about sending yet another message to try and get a prospective buyer to respond, new research suggests you may deserve to give yourself a break. Of course, if the “yet another message” is the 10th one of the day to the same prospect, feel free to indulge in a little bit of quilt. For the rest of you more moderated sellers, 43% of buyers say it’s okay to be contacted five times or more to get their attention. However, how you contact them, and what messages you share does matter. Sales consultancy the RAIN group lays out some guilt-free strategies to help capture and maintain the attention of your prospects with valued conversations.

Hire power

Are you sitting down? Good, because this stat is a doozy: the average turnover in sales is 20% to 30% annually. If you believe in math, that means that the equivalent of your entire sales force must be hired and trained every 3 to 5 years. Woah. Improving your sales hiring practices to improve those metrics won’t just make your recruiter happier, it will make your sales reps happier. And what makes sales people happy (beating quota) also makes sales managers happy. That’s just math (we think). Top Sales Magazine provides more insights on the importance of the sales hiring process, and the advice sure seems to add up.

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