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Your prospects only want to see you on Zoom


Your prospects only want to see you on Zoom

It’s not you, it’s them. According to new research from McKinsey Research, 70% to 80% of B2B customers prefer to interact remotely with sales reps. While they may not want to see you (except maybe on Zoom), 76% of buyers say remote sales interactions are equally or more effective than in-person engagement. ZDNet digs into McKinsey’s research about the future of remote sales and how reps are using data analytics to be more productive. It doesn’t address the bigger question: if sales goes fully remote, how do you maintain your frequent flyer status?

Extra! Extra! Read all about publishers reworking their sales orgs

Whether it’s reporting election results or who won The Bachelor, successful publishers are known for responding to news quickly. Apparently, rapid turnaround times have also become commonplace on the sales side of the house, with advertisers asking for shorter and shorter lead times on campaigns. Digiday looks at how Publishers are reorganizing their sales teams to meet expectations on a tight budget. Because, for publishers, no news is bad news.


How much $$$ could you generate with an extra day to sell?

THe Closer Your prospects only want to see you on Zoom - November 13, 2020

It turns out that as much as 20% of a sales rep’s day is spent on menial tasks like updating their CRM or working in multiple systems. We did some quick math, and 20% a week is ONE FULL DAY. So how do you minimize downtime for your reps while maximizing revenue? The AA-ISP has put together a Nov. 18 workshop for revenue leaders on just this topic. No stranger to making sales teams more efficient and effective, Groove’s VP of Sales Ben Budde will be leading a very spirited discussion for sales leaders and revenue ops professionals.

Holiday sales technology giving guide for remote employees

We’re headed into the holidays, which means that it’s been almost nine months since your company has been working remotely. Even if you think you’ve already given your remote sales teams everything they need to be happier and more successful, there’s a good chance you missed something. Don’t worry though, because SalesTechStar has outlined the eight essential sales tools for working remotely. It’s more of an essential list of technologies than a gift giving guide related to any holiday, but setting up reps to close more deals is the gift that keeps giving.


Wave ‘hello’ to a full pipeline

Groove - The Closer - Your prospects only want to see you on Zoom - Nov 13 2020

Remember tradeshows? Networking events? Good times. Thanks to COVID-19, any organization that had relied on in-person events to help fill their pipeline has had to rethink their entire strategy. The same is true for companies that sell into industries decimated by the pandemic. So what’s the best way to generate opportunities in these challenging conditions? Sales consultancy The Rain Group created its 4-step WAVE methodology to help you surf your way to a full pipeline. Cowabunga.

There’s a high-probability your opportunity stages need updating

Even if your organization has impeccably designed opportunity stages with associated probability values developed by that wunderkind data scientist you just hired from MIT, you still have to rely on your sales reps to advance the stages – and that’s far from guaranteed. Fortunately, there is one proven and surefire way to get your reps to update the stage – automation. You can learn all about Salesforce opportunity stages and how to automate accuracy for your reps in Groove’s latest blog post.

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