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The Rudolph effect

The Closer | The Rudolf effect

The Rudolph effect

Santa was lucky. If Rudolph hadn’t been around that one foggy Christmas eve, there would have been a bunch of crestfallen kids the next morning. Being able to quickly adapt to change – whether an unexpected sales or weather forecast – is essential. Even better is being able to see the changes coming. As we head into 2022, Forrester senior research director Phil Harrell takes a look back at the lessons sales leaders should take away from the past year. Adapting your sales team to align with the shifts happening in B2B buying is just the tip of the snowdrift. Now is the time to find your Rudolphs before you need them.

The future is multithreaded

As much as Marvel would like to make it fun and intriguing, the multiverse is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. But Marvel isn’t the only company going “multi.” Welcome to the B2B sales multithreaded engagement! Sure, it may have less cinematic flair, but it has a lot more real-world impact. B2B buyers ditched the linear sales funnel eons ago. Today’s buyer is weaving a rich tapestry through a series of online and offline channels. Now is the time to embrace multithreaded engagement strategies to accelerate revenue growth. Gartner analyst Dave Egloff is no superhero (that we know of), but he does have some good advice on the topic.


Winter is satisfying

The Closer | Winter is satisfying

Crisp air. Turning leaves. Slower pace. Winter can be really satisfying. Winter is also the time when G2 refreshes its list of software vendors with the most satisfied customers. We bring this up because Groove was ranked the highest-rated platform for sales engagement and four other sales tech categories in the G2 Winter 2022 Grid Reports. Yes, it’s the same title we’ve held for 13 straight quarters, but it feels fresh and rewarding every time. That’s probably because we love making our customers happy (and watching them crush their revenue goals). You can learn all about the G2 Winter 2022 Grid Reports for Sales Engagement and other top sales tech categories on our blog.

A winning culture

There are key elements found in vibrant and rewarding company cultures (diversity, strong values, transparent leadership, etc.), but this intangible trait can be like a soufflé. You can put in all the right ingredients and still wind up with something that should be thrown in the trash. From the beginning, Groove’s founders set out to build a company where they would want to work. One where employees at every level and from every background felt supported, appreciated, and challenged to be the best versions of themselves. That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled that Groove has won a 2021 Comparably Award for Best Company Culture.


Automation breeds happiness

The Closer | Automation breeds happiness

Do you want to know the secret to happier, more productive, and less stressed employees? We know this sounds like yet another over-promising marketing email, but this isn’t a fairy tale. It’s real life and there is research backing it up. Salesforce just released a brand new study linking workplace automation to productivity, lower stress levels, and better work/life balance. Instead of reading the whole report, you can find all of the main points on how Salesforce automation makes happier employees on Salesforce Ben. In a world where burnout has become second nature, automation might just be our saving grace.

AI today, robots tomorrow

Historical customer insights are so passé. It’s interesting to know what customers have done in the past, but knowing what prospects are doing in the present is more important in today’s buyer-centric B2B selling environment. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to mine the data that your sales force is generating in real-time. It sounds like a tall order, but that’s where AI and machine learning come into play. These technologies are perfectly suited for uncovering customer buying patterns and other insights that will help you close more deals. Check out the SellingPower blog to learn more about why it’s time to move away from historical customer insights, and toward real-time buying insights made possible by AI and machine learning.

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